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Universal Chaos (The Story So Far) Empty Universal Chaos (The Story So Far)

Post by Yatsuke on Sun Apr 19, 2015 3:56 pm

Year One Exodus Machina: A rift in space time had appeared centering on the Sun. This in turn served as a catalyst in tying all the different points of history together. It was utter chaos. Militarized forces from all periods of time joined the battlefield at the same time. This caused mass confusion and widespread panic. No side could tell friend from foe and things got very messy in a short period of time. Many died within the first year, leaving the total Human population at around 1,000,000,000.

Year Two Exodus Machina: The different factions of the galaxy met and agreed on a ceasefire. The grounds for this was that there were barely any people left alive. They formed a unified faction with it's central government being based on Earth called the Unified World Order. Times were tough and the Human race was tasked heavily with rebuilding.

Year Five Exodus Machina: Many groups of people in the UWO become dissatisfied with the top bass leadership, as well as start to lose hope that they can be tasked with deciding the best goal for Humanity. This leads the people to separate into different factions and start colonizing Mars(Mars' Fist), Jupiter(Jupiter Ascendants), Saturn(Sons of Saturn), Venus(Daughters of Venus) and Mercury(Mercury's Water).

Year Fifteen Exodus Machina: The Human population is on the rise. Due to limited resources and influx of new mouths to feed several border and territory disputes happen. Tensions between the new budding nations of the galaxy are put under high stress. The people start to become more distrusting. Militaristic weaponry is starting to be mass produced and salvaged as a cause of this.

Year Twenty Exodus Machina: Mars' Fist becoming very unsettled by the proceedings of other Nations and they decide to send a recon/intel team into the heart of a UWO research facility. The team is captured and executed by orders from the UWO top brass. The people of MF are furious and war is declared between the two. Fighting between the two sides catches people from a lot of the other nations in the crossfire. JA and SOS are the first to join the fray, and at the end of the year DOV and MW have also entered into what they dubbed the Great Galaxy War.

GGW Year 1(21 EM): This is where the story of UIC begins.(Events will be added as they happen in game.)

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