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Hirazaki Files: Part 5: Lucius Hennessy and Mar's Fist Empty Hirazaki Files: Part 5: Lucius Hennessy and Mar's Fist

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Name: Lucius J. Hennessy(Don't ask what the "J" stands for...)

Age: 43

Gender: Male

Faction Association: Mar's Fist

Rank Status: Leader

Original Universe: Anno Domini

Voice recording introduction: ~Testing...testing! One-two-three, This is Mikihisa Hirazaki of the Hirazaki Private Chronicler Agency, or HPCA for short. As you all know my loyal...one-hundred..thousand.....and six....subscribers......(I think I just pissed myself...), I have taken it upon myself to cronicalize, my own word yes, cronicalize these factions and their leaders, who have once again decided humanity's fate. Let me set the record straight by saying that as someone who cares deeply for humanity and all it stands for, I will be withholding my judgements and personal opinions with great restraint and even greater regret. These factions and their leaders may not be well-suited for their jobs in my opinion but because this is fair chronicalization, my word again yes, chronicalization they will receive respectful, non-satirical, and true to the core information written about them here, thus I, as a professional, must keep it strictly business(no matter how much it pisses me off). Part 5, part 5, thank god it's part 5.~End voice recording introduction.

Voice recording: ~Woo! Tonight is a good night to be doin some cronicalizin! That's right I'm usin mah word again! I apolo-ma-gize to all my faithful subbies for this but I just got back from a club in mars and maaaaaan was it ka-raazy! You guys should have been there, it was so off the hook that it was deep in the ocean, next to a sunken treasure chest, and guarded by a mutant shark-man, and no I.ain't.lyin! Woo! Hahaha. Ah man, I can't remember the last time I've gotten so amped up, and speaking of Mars, tonight's chronicle file is dedicated to the leader of Mar's Fist and the man who personally invited me to the club, Lucius Hennessy. Here's the thing though, instead of just speaking about the man I have a special treat for all of you, he's going to give you all info himself. I met with the guy and he personally wanted me to post this in his file, which I shall do, so without further ado, let me do what I do and let you all hear what he do hehe.

--Audio Clip Uploaded--

Hirazaki Files: Part 5: Lucius Hennessy and Mar's Fist 11t75o4

Lucius Hennessy: Testin testin, is it workin, son?

Mikihisa Hirazaki: Yeah it's on sir, go on and speak.

My name is Lucius J. Hennessy, war hero of the Turigon 6 skirmish, of course that don't mean piss to any of you that ain't from Anno Domini cause where ya'll come from, ain't no Turigon. Now I am a man of simple taste, big principles, even bigger ideals, and a vision as vast as grand mama space, but I am also a man with a colorful background and a deep, deeeep want for the truth. You mind if I smoke near this thang son?

M. Hirazaki: Uh it might damage the-

L.J. Hennessy: Imma smoke near this thang son.

M. Hirazaki: Oh...uh ok...

Ahem, *clicks from a lighter can be heard, followed by a streaming sound, might be the gas* *after a few seconds a semi loud clack is heard followed by exhaling, he must have inhaled silently.* Now then, as I was sayin. I was raised in a big city filled with various types from nice guys to mercenaries, and all of them had dark secrets. What I found to be troubling is that none of them would ever tell their dark secrets. See me, Lucius J. Hennessy, I keep no secrets and that's good on me cause I have nothing to hide, cause I don't give a fu--Audio has been censored-- about anyone knowing my life. Secrets, dark or not, are things you shouldn't keep, like a stray dawg ya mama always told you that you couldn't keep, why? Because that dawg may not be a stray or may not be the healthiest thang in the universe, in short it's bad for you. Those two types I mentioned before? Most of those types never lasted long, not in my city. But me, I lasted longer than most as you can see, mostly because I told the truth and stuck to my ambition not to mention I counted my lucky stars. Of course I knew I couldn't stay where I was for long so I did the only logical thang that I could do, I became a soldier. See I joined the military but not to be a mobile suit pilot, but to be an actual soldier, one that could hold his own on an actual battlefield without being in a giant metal target.

The age I joined I was but a scrawny pup, I couldn't even hold my own in a fair fight against a trashcan lid haha, I was a mess back then I tell you but I was smart, I had a mind to know how to get through life, I had a mind to plan and prepare myself both mentally and physically. I was right to do so too, the military division for ground soldiers wasn't for the weak. They would push and kick and holler like a devil banshee touchin a holy stone, they wanted- no, they demanded that your full attention be on them and their training, because they knew, they knew all too well that being a ground soldier wasn't a god damn picnic, it was a whole new hell that you had to deal with every time you got on that field. I tell you son, I loved it in the army, there was no secrets, everyone who hated you would let you know either through their actions or their words, and I was the target of their affections, a scrawny twenty-something with a lot to prove. That was true, I did.

Years passed by like clockwork, I had become the soldier that I had planned to become. I had the skills and tactical know-how to not only outwit my peers, but I also had the propah strength to pay them back somethin propah, and I told'em too, I says to em "You old yella bellies used to beat me down and call me all types of names, and I told you while I was on the ground that when I get mines, I'm gone take yours." Well my boy, I did indeed get mines, and when they met up with me in the courtyard at the crack o' dawn, they most certainly got theirs taken away, heheh.

M. Hirazaki: S-sorry to interrupt sir but...what do you mean by that last part? What exactly did you take from them...?

L.J. Hennessy: Why, their lives of course *smoking sounds of inhaling then later exhaling* is that a problem son?

M. Hirazaki: Oh n-no sir, no problem at all. Please continue.

Hmhmhm well alright then son. After I left the military I went back to the city, back to the place that had those types of people but this time it would be different, I had a plan in mind. I had first began my days back as a small time thug for a mafia boss, back in them days all I had to do was kick the hell out of people that owed him money and handle grunt work, the occasional murder order would come through as well. Of course I began to move up, thanks to my military training I was able to outshine most who were within the gang, rank after rank I climbed until I reached a right-hand-man position, it was there that I openly declared the I was gonna kill the don and claim his seat, they didn't take me serious until his head left his body. Course not many accepted me either, but the few that did quelled those that didn't, they knew not to fu--audio has been censored-- with me.

Time continued to go on, my new mafia or rather, my new family grew. Now, being the man that I am, I dislike gundams but I do not dislike the pilots. My family is comprised of mostly gundam pilots and it is in fact because of them that I have no quarrel with gundam pilots. You see I care for my family even if they aren't blood, they are my everything.

M. Hirazaki: I see that they are made up of different races and genders, can I assume that you care about equality?

L.J Hennessy: But of course my dear Mickeh- Can I call you Mickeh?

M. Hirazaki: Well, I kind of don-

L.J. Hennessy: I'm gone call ya Mickeh.

M. Hirazaki: O-ok.

L.J. Hennessy: I care about equality and keep it at the highest regards, at least when it comes to family. Everybody else, can suck a di--Audio has been censored-- for all I care because they ain't family. *Smoking sounds of inhaling deep for three seconds then slowly exhaling.* Now, my story, although lacking details, is finished! Are there any more questions you would like to ask me, Mickeh?

M.Hirazaki: Uhm, yes! You said that you dislike it when people keep secrets, would that be the reason why you left the UWO and formed Mar's Fist? And how goes running a whole colony.

Ah yes, the Unified World Order....They had a lot of secrets that they kept from all of us, those higher ups always spoke to us like we were their enemies and quite often did we get suspicious of their actions, sadly we never found out about, not yet anyway. But yes, that was the reason as to why I disbanded my support along with my family from the UWO, because they have so many secrets that they kept hidden from us. As for the colony, Mars has been a sweetheart to us, allowin us settle on her bosom and create such a fine nation complete with precious people that do their jobs proudleh-

M.Hirazaki: -Even the jobs of running the casinos and the clubs and th-

J.L. Hennessy: -Don't interrupt me again son.

M.Hirazaki: Sorry sir!

L.J. Hennessy: But yes, even the jobs within the casinos and the clubs. Now, I'll let you have a few mor-

???: Pardon my interruption, Lucius. I have news about Charlie and his group.

L.J. Hennessy: Not a problem at all Azusa, what's the news.

*Foot steps can be heard, 6 of them in all and each clack just goes from feint to loud. The movement of clothing as if someone is bending cloth is now heard, finally whispering. The words being spoken are feint but if one payed attention they could make out key words: "Charlie *n* h*s group *e*e captured a** executed *n tel*vi*i*n *y t** UWO"

L.J. Hennessy: I see...Mr. Hirazaki, I must take mah leave. Would you kindleh take this opportunity to enjoy the club, take this as an apology from me for having to cut our interview short.

M. Hirazaki: O-oh it's no problem at all, nice meeting you sir, and I do hope we can do this again soon.

L.J. Hennessy: Azusa, show them out please, and send up Derrik.

Azusa: Of course, Lucius. Mister Hirazaki, follow me this way.

M. Hirazaki: Ok...

--End of Audio Clip--

After that I came back to the club and enjoyed a few drinks, I really enjoyed myself...but I...feel sick right now, so what I'm going to do is hold this chronicle while I get some rest, I'll finish it tomorrow.

~The next day~


Ok ok ok ok, let me calm down *inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale* This is big! The UWO has never done something this extreme before, and what's worse is that the president of the UWO said it was to set an 'example' of what happens when an enemy spies on us. Mar's Fist wasn't an enemy, Lucius Hennessy was not an enemy, not until he announced this:

Hirazaki Files: Part 5: Lucius Hennessy and Mar's Fist 11t75o4
It has come to my attention that a few of my family members were caught and executed before the eyes of millions, among those few was my eldest son, Charlie Wilson Hennessy. I refuse to stand idleh by while the UWO not only keep their secrets but kill all those who wish to find out, especially if the one you killed was a Hennessy. After the five great factions split, we all agreed that we would not be enemies nor would we be allies, so of course spies were to be expected, we even caught UWO spies, however, capturing and humiliating those brave men is something that I cannot forgive. Other faction leaders, I say this to you all: you have to agree that this mockereh of a nation should be punished, it's only a matter of time before they do the same to your people, and I don't mean your spies. And to the stupid old bastard who's probableh sittin there with a cheshah smile on his wrinkleh face: You sir, have opened up a soup kitchen sized can of whoop ass, this ass whoopin will not be pleasant, you will not enjoy this, and gettin kicked into a well will be somethin you wish would happen to you. In short, I declare war. Good day sir.

Seriously, this is bad. This is very very bad. A war, ladies and gentlemen, has been declared and now things are going to get so very messed up. So many people are going to die...I might even die HOLY SHI--Audio has been censored-- The factions man, I said this in the introductions that they just do things without humanity being taken into account, but why? Why does this have to happen. UWO President, why did you have to kill the man's son, you could have just captured him and held him hostage and negotiated, you guys could have gotten on ok terms, maybe, I don't fu--Audio has been censored--ing know but you could have did something. Something else...I...I'm sorry guys...I don't want anyone to die...I get that people die, we all have the same destiny when it comes to that but...not like this...I'm not ready to die...just...not like this. ~End audio...

Nation Name: High Roller

Population: 800,690

Location: On the surface of Mars.

Hirazaki Files: Part 5: Lucius Hennessy and Mar's Fist 2e6ddg3

Hirazaki Files: Part 5: Lucius Hennessy and Mar's Fist Ae2ipk

Voice recording: ~High Roller is a colony ran by Mar's Fist and their leader, Lucius J. Hennessy. This colony is by far the most popular and most populated, simply because of the amount of entertainment that is within it, meaning casinos and clubs. This colony is of course packed with all types of people too! Which is great because one would think casinos and clubs meant mobsters, no, Mar's Fist is actually the only publicly known mafia and it has been confirmed that they are the only mafia on mars. Actually that just confirms fears. But still, they aren't bad guys, they are actually really nice people who treat others as how they wish to be treated. High Roller got it's name from the tact that it's a giant dome city that is erected(haaa!) on Mars. They have no real plant life because it's just a giant city but they have really good trading going on so supplies wise, they are set. Lucius runs the colony with both hard work and fun, he uses these to fund the trading, so in short everyone is pretty much working together in order to survive, it's basically a standard thing that a government does, nothing special, except he also plays upon an adults need to gamble and let loose, not to mention children who love video games and just want to have fun.

I highly recommend the colony as a home for anyone who wants to work hard and play hard, or just settle down. However I will say this, they are currently at war, and up until now has Mar's Fist shown their military strength, and to be honest I'm actually impressed. For a bunch of mafia gangsters, these guys mean serious business when it comes to getting organized, both the mobile suit division and ground forces are not to be trifled with. I just hope this war ends soon, I'd rather nothing else happens to not only yanks humanity into it but also does far, far worse

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