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Post by Yatsuke on Fri Apr 24, 2015 6:02 pm

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) 3a37e7548bfeca987857195dc8802530

You will  only get the base amount of money to spend on equipment at character creation outside of earning money yourself. If you want more its up to you to fund your own outfitting.

The items here are meant to outfit and upgrade your mobile suit. Their overall intended purpose is to empower your MS so it can stand toe to toe with the other MS's that characters and NPC's will have. Despite your first suit being rather basic it could serve you well with a little imagination.

Note: Any items more customized in both appearance and functionality that might be wanted must be OKed by a mod.

The shop is not necessary to your personal RP. However, it is advised if you wish to adequately participate in battles with other players or story driven sit-wide game content.  

Please note that even though damage and weight numbers are not included, we will not approve of anybody Godmodding nor being just plain unrealistic. This includes examples like a basic Zaku taking direct hit from a Hyper Mega Particle Cannon and surviving, as well as having a mobile suit outfitted with so many heavy weight items that it would be unable to unable to move the way described etc.

Tier 1:

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) Latest?cb=20120630062609Ball(MP)(S):$400,000

The Federation refitted about 1200 of the civilian-model worker space pods, known as SP-W03 Space Pods. The Federation reinforced it with heavier armor and mounted a 180mm recoilless cannon on top. The Ball mobile pod also had vernier thrusters mounted all along the body. (Comes with a fixed 180mm cannon mounted on it's top and has fixed grappling arms.)

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) 300?cb=20140731162815GM(MP)(S):$600,000

The RGM-79 GM is a mass-produced mobile suit based on the technology of the RX-78-2 Gundam. The basic frame was suited for a fairly high level of mobility, for the time, both on Earth and in space while at the same time proved easily adaptable to modifications that could be developed into mission specific GM models.

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) 300?cb=20111115230150Zaku I(MP)(S):$500,000

By the outbreak of the One Year War the MS-05 Zaku was five years old and largely considered obsolete. The Mobile suit was developed as first combat production suit, but it was soon superseded by the MS-06C Zaku II. After that it was phased out and mainly consigned to auxiliary duties such as training, construction and supply duties. The Zaku I, however, has an infamous history as it was used by the Zeon Marines in gassing of colony populations and in preparing these colonies for their drops on earth.

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) 300?cb=20140902160701Zaku II(MP):$600,000

The successor to the first fielded mobile suit, the MS-05 Zaku I, the Zaku II improved on everything the previous model offered. The Zaku II was the mainstay of the Zeon military for most of the One Year War. (Comes equipped with a fixed small shield mounted on either the right or left arm at the pilot's preference.)

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) 300?cb=20120315185709Leo(MP)(S):$600,000

First introduced into service in AC 175, the Leo was slowly upgraded over the years leading up to the outbreak of total war in AC 195. By that time, the Leo had actually changed very little from earlier models. The primary reason for the Leo's long service record was its simple adaptability.

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) 300?cb=20081227200838Daughtap(MP)(S):$400,000

The DT-6600 Daughtap is a mass production support mobile pod developed and fielded by the United Nations Earth (UNE) for space combat. The Daughtap is a modified civilian space work pod for combat. Modifications to the original work pod include the attachment of 80mm cannon and overall heavier armor. Moreover, the Daughtap features two arms that appear to be same model with DT-6800A Daughtress', but with claws-like manipulators instead of hands. (Comes equipped with a fixed 180mm cannon on the bottom of the cockpit frame, and two claw type grappling arms.)

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) Latest?cb=20120627172125Daughtress(MP)(S):$600,000

The DT-6800A Daughtress is a mass production general purpose mobile suit developed by the United Nations Earth (UNE). Overall, the Daughtress is a basic and standard mobile suit. The Daughtress could function both on Earth and in space with the right adjustments to its parts and systems.

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) 300?cb=20121103103429Gundam Ground Type(MP)(S):$600,000

The Gundam Ground Type, is a mobile suit that shares a lot of characteristics with the Gundam its prototype predecessor. However, it was not as powerful do to a use of all the same parts as well as a cut to quality in the process of mass production.

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) 300?cb=20090524122839BuCUE(MP)(B):$900,000

The TMF/A-802 BuCUE is a mobile suit designed for ground combat. Unlike other ZAFT mobile suits, the BuCUE is a quadruped, looking more like a dog than a human. The four-legged design distributes the weight of the BuCUE, giving it greater balance and the ability to move on irregular or difficult terrains on earth much more easily and nimbly than standard two-legged MS.

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) 300?cb=20120903215955GM II(MP)(B):1,000,000

The RMS-179/RGM-79R GM II represented little in the way of technological innovation. Its performance was only slightly better than the GM I mobile suit featuring slight improvements in power output, acceleration, and sensor range. The GM II also features improvements in armament as it is usually equipped with a beam rifle which is a more powerful weapon with greater range than the GM's beam spray gun.

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) 302uzxsGuncannon(B):$900,000

The Guncannon was a step up from the RX-75-4 Guntank; while the Guntank was more "tank" than mobile suit, the Guncannon was a true mobile suit with limbs. However, it did share the Guntank's Core Block System, using the same FF-X7 Core Fighter. It is based on the data of the RXM-1 prototype bipedal robot.

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) B0051210_54bbd6ce85cc0Guntank(B):$900,000

The RX-75-4 Guntank was the first prototype Earth Federation mobile suit developed by Project V. However, the Guntank was hardly a mobile suit at all. The Guntank had the torso and arms of a mobile suit, but possessed caterpillar treads for legs. It also lacked any sort of hands and had a canopy-style cockpit on the head, along with the cockpit in the torso. Like all "V Project" mobile suits, the Guntank used the Core Block System.

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) Ff-x7-bstCore Booster(B):$900,000

In order to compensate for the Core Fighter's deficiency in heavy firepower, the FF-X7-Bst Core Booster was deployed by the Earth Federation as a high-speed space/atmospheric assault aircraft. The unit was basically a Core Fighter combined with a heavy-duty booster module, greatly improving its speed, firepower, armor, operational stamina. Armed with 2 powerful mega-particle cannons, 4 25mm Vulcan Guns, 2 four-round missile launchers and an impressive payload of bombs, the Core Booster could serve both as a high-altitude air superiority fighter and a tactical bomber.

Tier 2:

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) Rx-78-2RX-78-2 Gundam(B)

The Gundam was incredibly advanced for its time. Built from lightweight Luna Titanium Alloy, its frame was both lighter than that of Zeon's mass-produced mobile suits and much sturdier, able to shrug off a Zaku II's machine gun fire with little to no damage. Its offensive power was above and beyond that of the Zeon Zakus. The Gundam would engage in most battles with its beam rifle making it the first mobile suit to have firepower equivalent to a battleship beam cannon.

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) Zgmf-2000MS-07 Gouf(B)

The Gouf is design as s a high-performance replacement for the MS-06J Zaku II Ground Type. The MS-07 Gouf first appears when Ramba Ral arrives on Earth to avenge the death of Garma Zabi. Ramba Ral and the Gouf proves to be a formidable foe for the White Base crew as it is far more powerful than the Zakus the crew have been fighting up until that point. The Gouf is armed with a 75 mm machine gun hand and "heat rod", which could be used as a superheated slicing weapon or as a grappling weapon with a powerful electric shock effect. It also has a powerful heat sword, an improved heat-based weapon from the Zaku's heat hawk. The Gouf could also use the standard Zaku II weapons, such as 120 mm machine gun or 280 mm bazooka.

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) Latest?cb=20120115173541MS-09B Dom(B)

The MS-09B Dom was the successor to MS-06F Zaku II and MS-07B Gouf mobile suits, and far surpassed both in terms of performance. Developed as a heavy-type, high performance mobile suit, the Dom could outmaneuver the Federation's new mass production mobile suit, the RGM-79 GM. While the Dom can use many of the Zaku II and Gouf standard armaments, it was typically equipped with a new 360mm Giant Bazooka, which could easily blow apart a mobile suit. Later, a new 880mm Raketen Bazooka was also developed that could destroy almost anything with one hit. The Dom also had a new Heat Saber, shaped very much like a beam saber, that was used for close combat. Lastly, the Dom featured a scattering beam gun, too weak to damage mobile suits, but powerful enough to blind a pilot for a few seconds.

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) Latest?cb=20120818191422
Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) Latest?cb=20140627141123D-50C Loto(B)

As a special operations mobile suit the Loto can take part in a variety of missions. To allow greater versatility the Loto can mount a variety of weapons on its shoulders (or the hardpoints between shoulder and head) including a pair of 120mm cannons, a large gatling gun, or a smaller machine gun. Its set armaments include a beam burners and a pair of 12-tube missile launchers. Like other descendants of the RX-75-4 Guntank, the Loto does not posses standard mobile suit "hands" instead possessing a set of missile launchers.

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) Latest?cb=20140902155950MS-14A Gelgoog(B)

The high-performance A-Type Gelgoog was equipped with a twin-bladed beam sword (referred to as both a beam naginata due to the shape of the blades, though it was actually very different in function from the traditional Japanese weapon, as well as a "beam halberd") and a high-output beam rifle, a first for a Zeon mobile suit. The Gelgoog was a superior mobile suit in every aspect to the MS-06F Zaku II and even the MS-09R Rick Dom.

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) 57-rx-178-aeugRX-178 Gundam Mk-II(B)

The Gundam Mk-II's armament and optional armament are in essence a reflection of the weapons employed by the original Gundam, though those in themselves are a standard set of weaponry for both Earth Federation and AEUG mobile suits. The only fixed weapons of the suit are two beam sabers, but the Mk-II can carry a vulcan pod, a shield, a beam rifle, a hyper bazooka and a clay bazooka if necessary.

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) Latest?cb=20141024023757RGM-86R GM III(B)

In terms of raw battlefield potential, the GM III is a tremendous upgrade over the Federation's antiquated RMS-179 GM II. The GM III was an upgraded GM II at heart, but featured a more powerful generator and improved sensors, making it a practically new mobile suit. The unit's survivability was increased by adding Gundarium Alloy to the armor and strengthening the overall frame. Along with substantial armor upgrades, the GM III featured a higher output backpack modeled after the RX-178 Gundam Mk-II's in order to take advantage of the generator's increased output. The backpack increased the GM III's thruster acceleration by 37% over the GM II's, enabling a much higher speed and much greater maneuvering capability. Along similar lines, the GM III featured vernier units on the outer calf area of either of its legs, further enhancing the unit's mobility and thrust capability.

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) Latest?cb=20141106170207MSA-003 Nemo(B)(MP)

The MSA-003 Nemo is a mobile suit developed by Anaheim Electronics that is based upon the Earth Federation's RMS-179 GM II mobile suit. However, since Anaheim Electronics had no experience in the development of the GM series, risks were considered with parts procurement, maintenance, and the high costs that accompanied a completely new design. This was addressed by adopting design features and equipment from the RGM-79SP GM Sniper II, a machine considered a masterpiece that was fielded by Federation Forces and ace pilots late in the One Year War. Although this new suit strongly resembled the old GM II it was far better in terms of generator power, armor material, thruster acceleration, and maneuverability. Additionally the Nemo was able to use already existing weapons such as the RMS-099 Rick Dias’s beam saber or the GM II’s beam rifle, which also reduced the costs to produce these units.

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) Rms-106RMS-106 Hizack(B)(MP)

The Hizack is most often equipped with an 120mm machine gun kai, Beam Saber or Heat Hawk. Hizacks are also sometimes equipped with a Beam Rifle, but its fairly low tolerance for beam weapons due to low energy output means it can only carry one at a time. Hizacks may also be equipped with missile pods instead of the hand thrown grenades of previous Zakus.

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) 1303521656629RMS-099 Rick Dias(B)(MP)

The Rick Dias is one of the earlier models of mobile suits to use the 360-degree panoramic cockpit, and the first original design to be constructed by the AEUG. One notable feature is that unlike other mobile suits in use at the time, the cockpit of the Rick Dias is built into the head and not the chest of the mobile suit. Built into its hands are specialized launchers that can be used to launch fire-suppressing gas or a binding adhesive. For combat the Rick Dias is equipped with a large variety of weapons, making it a versatile mobile suit. Among its built-in weapons include a 2-barrel 55mm vulcan phalanx anti-missile gun system built into the head and a beam saber stored in a recharge rack in the backpack. For ranged combat the Rick Dias is equipped with a pair of beam pistols stored in backpack storage racks. It can also be optionally equipped with a clay bazooka, a bazooka that fires a specialized round that breaks into smaller pellets, and a standard beam rifle.

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) Oz-12smsOZ-12SMS Taurus(B)(MP)

The OZ-12SMS Taurus was designed by OZ to specifically fill the role as a space superiority combat mobile suit that would out perform and replace the aging space type Leo. It can transform into a high-speed fighter spacecraft. lthough originally designed for human pilots, the Taurus is the first mobile suit to have the Mobile Doll artificial intelligence system installed into their software, making them the first AI-controlled mobile suits. While piloted Taurus mobile suits were high-performance mobile suits, the mobile doll version was noted for fighting at high speeds and performing incredible maneuvers that would kill a human pilot from the G-forces. The disadvantage the mobile doll had was that its maneuvers lacked originality, making them predictable, they were vulnerable to attacks from behind, and had a notable weakness at close range combat.

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) Latest?cb=20120611175804ZGMF-1017 GINN(B)(MP)

The GINN is a durable, basic mobile suit and the first to be used in combat. It is designated as a Zero Gravity Maneuver Fighter by ZAFT, thus the designation "ZGMF". It has two large, thruster-filled "wings" on its back, a fin-shaped sensor array on its head and no built-in weapons. The GINN's thrusters can only keep it airborne for a short time under gravity, so it uses the Guul subflight lifter to fly in the atmosphere. The suit is usually equipped with a 76mm machine gun and a 10-meter-long sword, and they can be replaced or supported by handheld and leg-mounted missile launchers, heavy ion cannon, recoilless rifle and sniper rifle. The missile launchers and heavy ion cannon are classified as "D-Type" assault weapons and are more often used in attacking a base or fortress.

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) 62565948201410140357293908096146281_056GAT-01 Strike Dagger(B)(MP)

Though the Strike Dagger cannot fly, it can be equipped with a parachute so that it can be safely dropped from a carrier plane. Weapon wise, the Strike Dagger's armament is rather simple. It consists of a single head-mounted "Igelstellung" 75mm multi-barrel CIWS, a single ES01 beam saber for close combat, a M703 57mm beam rifle with an attached grenade launcher for ranged combat and a shield for defense. Despite not being as powerful as the prototype Gundam or the original design, the Strike Dagger proved to be a versatile and capable mobile suit that operate efficiently in a variety of environments on the ground or in space.

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) Rms-006RMS-006 Jenice(B)(MP)

The Jenice's primary weapon is its 100mm machine gun, which fires solid rounds at a rapid rate. For close quarters combat, the Jenice can be armed with either a heat hawk or a heat saber. Additionally, the Jenice also mounts two machine cannons and two vulcan guns on the mobile suit's torso. These four torso mounted rapid fire weapons provides the Jenice with extra fire power.

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) Latest?cb=20120627173418RMS-009 Septem(B)(MP)

The RMS-009 Septem is a mass production high mobility mobile suit developed by the Space Revolutionary Army (SRA) for space combat. The Septem shares similarities with the RMS-006 Jenice, this is due to the fact that the Septem is an enhanced version of the Jenice. One prominent improvement of the Septem over the Jenice is the addition of large thrusters on the Septem which are installed on the mobile suit's legs. These large thrusters allowed the Septem to achieve higher mobility and performance than the Jenice. The Septem can optionally be equipped with a 100mm machine gun which fires physical rounds and possesses less firepower than the Septem's giant bazooka.

Tier 3:

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) B64b63a1_msn-00100MSN-00100 (MSN-100, MSN-001) Hyaku Shiki(B)

The Hyaku Shiki (codename: "δ Gundam" (Delta Gundam) is a mobile suit built by Anaheim Electronics as part of the "Zeta Project". Originally designed as the MSN-001 Delta Gundam, the unit was intended to be a test unit for the transforming MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam by incorporating the "movable frame" technology found in the RX-178 Gundam Mk-II and back-pack wing binders for additional mobility, though defects in the frame design rendered it incapable of transforming to mobile armor mode. As a result, the suit was redesigned into its current state, whereby it functions as a high performance MS. The Delta Gundam's transformation capabilities would later resurface in the MSN-001A1 Delta Plus. The Hyaku Shiki's gold colored appearance is due to the application of a beam-resistant coating on its armor, giving it some limited protection against beam attacks. The suit also has a unique sensor called the Image Directive Encode (IDE) system, which emits a red pattern when scanning or during precision aiming.

Mobile Suit Shop (WIP) Rms-014gRMS-014 Octape(B)(MP)

The Octape's primary weapon is its beam rifle which possesses greater firepower and penetration capability than most physical based weaponry. For close quarters combat the Octape is armed with a beam saber, which is stored on the mobile suit's main body. For additional firepower, the Octape also mounts two 50mm gatling cannon on the sides of the unit's chest.

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