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Post by Yatsuke on Sat Apr 25, 2015 8:27 pm

Here is a list of upgrades you can do to your mobile suit to make them more powerful and able to compete with higher grade mobile suits.

*Beam capability $500,000
Able to wield beam weaponry such as beam rifles, guns and beam sabers. Ideal upgrade for mass production mobile suits normally not capable of wielding beam weapons.

*Short Wave Jammer $350,000
gives greater stealth capability when activated but only lasts for short amounts of time and has a cool down period before next use. Able to sneak and ambush by jamming the sensors of other units.

*Sonar system $350,000
Raises sensory and can be used to counter the effects of Jamming systems. Must be used while standing still. Improves performances in night fights when used and situations of low visibility. Highly improves water battles. (Aquatic MS’ will start with this.)

*Infrared system $500,000
Gives night fights improved performance when used but leaves weak to flares and anything brighter than a basic beam saber.

*Booster Pack $500,000
A replacement backpack with multi directional thrusters to increase maneuverability in space. Mostly used by Mobile Suits originally created strictly for use within gravity to give them better movement control and coordination. It increases forward thrust by a small fraction. Its main purpose is for space deployment but it can also be used in gravity but only the boost in forward thrust, mid-air maneuvers or slightly better aquatic handling can be expected at a fraction of its performance in space.

*Cockpit $350,000
Basic cockpit found in early mobile suit designs.

*360-degree Panoramic Cockpit $1,500,000
the new panoramic cockpit would give the pilot a complete view of the battlefield in all directions, allowing for faster reaction times. For some it is part of the standard design on mobile suits.

*Psycoframe cockpit $2,500,000
The cockpit is composed of microscopic Psycommu receptors that allows the pilot to control the suit as if it is his/her own body. A psycommu receiver is located at the back of the pilot's headrest. Cockpit also features airmats that are used in case of impact. Controls are similar to normal cockpit controls.

*Mobile trace system $1,500,000
This is the control system used in all mobile fighters, Upon entering the mobile fighter’s cockpit, the pilot is wrapped in a form-fitting “fighting suit” made up of microscopic nanomachines. The fighting suit monitors the pilot’s motions and physical condition and relays this data to the mobile fighter’s computer, which then mirrors the pilot’s own movements. The surrounding environment is projected onto the walls of the “virtual cockpit,” and external conditions like physical obstructions and battle damage are transmitted back to the pilot via the fighting suit. The result is that the pilot operates the mobile fighter exactly as if it were his or her own body.

*Psycommu bit system
lv1 Psycommu system; Psycoframe cockpit; two funnels. $3,500,000
Lv2 Psycommu system; four funnels. ???
Lv3 Psycommu system; six funnels. ???
Lv4 Psycommu system; 10 funnels. ???
You must buy the previous LV before purchasing the next upgrade.
Beam weapon. High maneuverability. Some mobile suits already have a Psycommu system, those MS start at Lv1. Newtypes, Coordinators, X-Rounders and Ace Pilots may use these.

Funnel/Planet Defensor Conversion ???
Convert beam weapon funnel into shields (Gundam Wing Virgo shields) or vice versa, this allows the ability to control planet defensors with the precision of the psycommu system and also offering a mix of defensive capability to the funnel load out.

*Planet Defensor system LV 1 ???
System usually seen in its universe of origin. The planet defensors are able to be controlled by old types threw direct command inputs and a basic pattern predictive AI that adapts to pilot Input. The AI itself helps move the planet defensors more swiftly to the input of its regular pilot but doesn't loan this assistance when piloted by a different person. Comes with four planet defensors. Planet defensors can be stored on shoulders, hips, back or to each-other magnetically.

*Planet Defensor system LV 2 ???
Upgrade of the first system. The same system set up as LV 1 but with quicker input recognition and capable of accepting pre programmed commands for quick defense formations. The AI level increases but not by a significant amount. Comes with 4 more planet defensors than LV 1 for eight in total. Planet defensors can be stored on shoulders, hips, back or to each-other magnetically.

Additional planet defensors ???
for up to a reasonable total depending in the size and available space of the mobile suit.

*Mobile doll VI system ???
Indirect control of your mobile suit/programmed VI like a Mobile doll. when used in a pilots personal mobile suit It performs at a fraction of the full capability of the mobile suit. (can only be upgrades]d to lvl2 VI due to program capability issues with pilotedable MS cockpits) The MS can get damaged when in use. this program is needed to control mobile dolls.

*Doll lvl1 ???
Basic battle patterns and operating protocol.
*Doll lvl2 ???
Basic battle patterns and operating protocol. higher reaction speed.
*Doll lvl3 ???
Advanced Battle patterns and operating protocol. higher threat assessment.
*Doll lvl4 ???
Battle patterns modeled after Ace pilot data.

*Self-destruct system ???
The mobile suite blows up. Turning into salvage. The mobile suit can be fixed for a price. Parts may be stolen by other members depending on circumstance. Can't uninstall. If pilots hack skills are high enough or above another's they can attempt to hack the mobile suit and set off the self destruct. (Only affects NPC)

*Calftrack ???
deployable caterpillar tracks that increase flat surface mobility by a significant amount (ideal for urban combat situations) also can be used to brace itself for defense or recoil but when used in such a matter leaves the MS immobile for a brief time.

*Precision targeting system ???
high magnification sensor head mounted that aids in long range weapons fire. used primarily for sniping.

*Hacking system ???
a remote station used to hack surrounding devices it can connect via wireless communication to objects like gates, doors, lights and computer databases. May potentially be able to hack a mobile suit OS depending on certain factors TBD.

(Note- if have mobile doll AI it helps and gives pilot full focus on hacking while AI uses the mobile suit to defend itself. Of course has lowered performance under AI control and puts pilot at risk so brief usage is recommended.)

*Storage Rack $350,000
A simple easy to reach storage rack that is placed on the back of the mobile suit. Its holds up to three weapons (bazooka, rifle, Gatling gun ect) when they are not needed in battle. Limit one to normal sized mobile suits.

*Reinforced Armor plating
- Torso ???
- Arms ???
- Legs ???
a series of heavy armor plates grafted to the main body of the Mobile Suit. Though it grants superior defensive capabilities and better protects from ballistic, explosive and corrosive damage. it weighs down the suit tremendously stunting its speed. Type of armor plating depends on your suits type of armor.
Example; Alex Gundams 'Chobham' armor

*High mobility upgrades
Results may vary depending on what suit it is equipped. (Use logic, heavier suits will still be slower than a lighter suit with the same unit)
*Back thrusters ???
for forward & upward momentum
*Calf-thrusters ???
for forward momentum, aids in swifter evading
*Torso thrusters ???
for stabilizing purposes, adds mobility in space.

*Fighter upgrades
Thruster system designed by Neo Japan to heighten close quarters combat in Mobile Fighters (otherwise known as mobile suits)
*Hindfoot thrusters ???
improves leaping, when used can increase the speed, impact and crushing force of kicks, knee attacks etc.
*Elbow Thrusters ???
used for thrusting/punching at increased speed with added impact and crushing force. (can be located on Elbow or forearm depending on mobile suits specific design requirements)

*Mobile Doll Jamming Pods ???
Jamming pods which broadcast an anti-mobile doll virus. The virus disables the mobile dolls enemy identification component, making the mobile doll unable to attack the enemy. Requires Hacking system.

*Phase Shift ???
A type of armor which reduces the damage done by kinetic and explosives to a mobile suit. Overheats after 12 minutes of use and shutdown, requires 24 minutes to cool. Can not be used with EM armor. Larger impacts overheat the system quicker.

*Electro Magnetic Armor ???
Similar to phase shift this armor grants protection against beam weapons, rather then ballistic weapons. Overheats after 12 minutes of use, shutingdown. Requires 24 minutes for the system to cool. Can't be used with phase shift. Does not protect against beam cannons, beam launchers, mega particle cannons, ship grade beam weapons, and can be broken through by beam machine gun fire hitting the same spot continuously.

*Quantum Computer ???
An advanced computer which uses the principle of quantum mechanics to boost a mobile suits ability to process data. Enhances the AI System of mobile dolls, and improves the handling of regular mobile suits. Makes hacking into a mobile suit more difficult.

*Natural Operating System ???
An OS which better fine turns a mobile suit for old type use. Makes controlling the mobile suit much easier, and handles data processing more efficiently.

*Newtype Operating System ???
An OS which better fine turns a mobile suit for new type use. Makes controlling the mobile suit much easier, and makes the suits data processing more efficient.

*G.U.N.D.A.M Operating System ???
An OS which is suited to every sub-type. Make all of the data ratios super easy to understand. Helps a great deal with calculations.

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