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Post by Yatsuke on Mon Apr 27, 2015 8:41 pm

Mobile Suit Weapons/Equipment


*Small shields $150,000
Protect a small area of the mobile suit and but enables better visibility when in battle. Can be used to ram or be tossed at the enemy if need be. Can be placed along the forearm, shoulders or back if mounting is possible or held in hand.
Max allowed on one MS: 2

*Large shield $250,000
Thick armored it can take the brunt of a beam weapon discharge and potentially save your life. It can hinder visibility in certain circumstance and can be only be stored on back or held in hand. Small shield can only be equipped if its mounted on the body.
Max allowed on MS: 1

*Fist shield $150,000
A light shield placed along the fist of the MS, sometimes with spikes at its end for use in close combat. Ideal for melee focused unit improving defensive capability within close quarters. Counts as a small shield toward the small shield limit.
Max allowed on MS: 2 (each fist)

Shield upgrades:

Anti beam coating/ small:$250,000  - large:$300,000 - fist:$250,000
Gives the shield the ability to deflect beam weaponry, most effective against projectile weaponry but still giving the change at deflecting a beam saber (a risky move that will only work once) heat sabers and solid ammunition will still pierce and potentially destroy the shield.

Reinforcement/ small: $100,000 - large: $200,000 - fist: $150,000
Shields that are reinforced grow thicker and more durable nearing the durability of the size shield up from it but not quit making it (so a large shield will always be more durable than a light shield but you can get away with absorbing more damaged when reinforced) the drawback is the shield grows heavier and if fixed to the MS body will bring down overall speed.

Rocket Anchor/ Small: $400,000
a small shield added function, the tip of the shield is converted into a rocket propelled grappling hook, not capable of pulling things of great weight (would pull you to it) function can be disabled due to damage.

Missile Shield/ small: $650,000
adds range offensive capability to the shield, fires micro missiles from hidden barrels. (they must open before firing, something of a tell) the weight of the shield is increased and it can only be mounted on the forearm and missiles only activated if shield is held in hand. piercing damage will result in it exploding. (it will turn into salvage and be repairable)

Flight Shield/ large: $200,000
This upgrade adds powerful thrusters to the large shield giving it the capability of extended flight but it must be ridden like a surfboard removing most of its function as a shield when used this way. Upgrade could cause shield to explode after taking significant damage.
Example; Gundam Maxter

*Beam Shield/ $ 1,000,000
Mounted on the forearm, it generates a beam shield that can block beam or physical attacks. Can have one on each forearm, unable to guard against weapons and objects with anti beam coating.
Max allowed on MS: 2

*Defense Rod/ $100,000
The defense rod is a rotating rod usually connected to the elbow joint of the mobile suits left arm. Using rotary motion, the rod is capable of deflecting certain physical rounds such as bullets from a machine gun and in some cases a shot from a beam rifle by generating a plasma field. Compared to conventional shield, the defense rod is lighter than the conventional small shield.
Max allowed on MS: 2

Beam boomerang/ $600,000
The beam boomerang is a throwing weapon that emits a short beam blade on one end, and uses the physics of a boomerang to return to the owner, often catching enemy units by surprise. Small shield limit: 1, large shield limit: 2



*Hand Grenades/
fragmentation grenade, high explosive grenade, thermite incendiary grenade/ $100,000
flash grenade, smoke grenade/ $50,000
Stored on the waist or inside of large shield (could detonate if shield is heavily damaged). Max limit is 4.

*60mm Vulcan cannon x2/ $200,000
Small guns used to intercept missiles and to damage/destroy small objects. Other than a lucky point blank shot to a MS camera it is not offensively effective against mobile suits.
Can be installed inside the head, forearm or chest (like the ZakuII in the origins manga) of the mobile suit.

*Missile Launchers/ 2x (3)Missile tube: $400,000 - 2x (6)Missile tube: $800,000
Fires multiple mini missiles witch inflict explosive damage. Can be mounted on/in legs, arms, shoulders or back of MS depending on its make.

*Dober gun/ $600,000
A large shell firing weapon fitted onto the shoulder, its extreme length and power give this weapon enormous range and accuracy. (Tallgeese)

Dober gun upgrade:
*Energy projectile/ $800,000
Converts the Dober gun into a beam weapon (Tallgeese II, beam cannon)

*Compact Mode Mega Beam Canon/ $1,500,000
requires a dober gun with energy projectile upgrade to be owned.
The strongest weapon of the Tallgeese-line to date in the year After Colony 196 is its mega beam cannon, which replaces the olddober gun used on the previous two models. It has two modes of which this upgrade is the primary (and basic); The compact configuration. It equals the upgraded Dober Gun with beam rifle capabilities in terms of range and damage, but has superior recoil control, a more efficient drive allowing it a greater amount of shots and in faster succession.

*Extended Mode Mega Beam Canon/$2,500,000
upgrade the mega beam cannon with this alternative mode; the Extended Barrel Beam Canon mode. The beam cannon mode is among the most powerful mobile suit beam cannons and nearly as powerful as the twin buster rifle of the Wing Zero. Its raw strength was displayed when one shot was enough to destroy the asteroid base MO-III. This upgrade works on a seperate energy source, the rifle is able to launch 3 shots with a long reload time, extreme range and accuracy. But engaging mode change (either way) requires the suit to remain in location.

*280mm Bazooka/ $650,000
Cartridge fed (4 round per cartridge) bazooka.

*100mm machine gun/ $450,000
Solid ammunition machine gun. Fed by 20 round box cartridges . Extra cartridges can be stored on armor magnetically.

*Beam Machine Gun/ $900,000
Mid range beam machine gun. Fed by rechargeable energy cap that much like the cartridge fed machine gun can be swapped out when depleted with a fresh cap (which are also stored on the armor much like the cartridge armor magnetically) can also be fired in fully automatic. Each cap has a charge of around 30 rounds. When compared to the beam rifle it Trades range and power for its rapid fire capability.

Grenade Launcher/ $500,000
An attachment that goes on the underside of the machine gun. These grenades are not very effective against large ships, but are ideal mid-range anti-mobile suit weapons. Close quarters use can damage the user.

*Beam Pistol/ $500,000
Mid to short range beam pistol stored on hips if no other location designated. Can fire four shot bursts before needing to cool down for a couple of seconds. Has a smaller energy cap with a charge of 12 rounds.


Beam charge/ $10,000
This upgrade allows the beam pistol to charge its shot increasing the overall impact and damage of the beam produced, after charged no matter how long taken to charge the shot the pistol needs to cool down for 5 sec.

*Hand cannon/ $650,000
Mid range solid ammunition revolver styled gun. Eight shots. High impact rounds.

*Back mounted; 180mm cannons/ $500,000 each
(Can equip up to two of them. One behind each shoulder) mid-range artillery cannon fed by a fifteen (15) round internal magazine located inside the main body.

*Back mounted; 240mm cannons/ $1,000,000 each
(Can equip up to two of them. One behind each shoulder) mid-range artillery cannon fed by a twenty (20) round internal magazine located inside the main body.

*Back mounted; Beam Cannon/$1,500,000 each
(Can equip up to two. One of them behind each shoulder) A pair of mega-particle firing beam cannons mounted on the backpack. Mega-particles are fed to the beam cannons by the two large drum-like E-Caps mounted below them on the backpack.

*Back mounted; Gatling Gun/$750,000
A 75mm Gatling gun that was drum-and-belt fed. Mounted on the lower back of the mobile suit and can fire over the shoulder or from the hip.  

*Double Gatling Gun/$900,000 each
weapon shoots a rapid amount of fire power. When not being used, it can attached to the storage rack on the back of the mobile suit. (Depends on the shape of your mobile suit and if the storage rack can be applied) can equip up to two. Can be used as a blunt instrument in close combat but continue use in this fashion can damage the weapon and disable it.

*Gatling Gun/$700,000
Can attack to small shields for dual function, can be ejected off small shield to improve movement. a powerful 75mm Gatling gun that is drum-and-belt fed.

*3-Barrel 35mm Machine Gun/$550,000
a 3-barrel 35mm machine gun that is mounted on the forearm and is magazine fed. Can have small shield mounted over it, can't be used with fist shield on same arm.

*3-tube Missile Launcher/$700,000
A 3-tube missile launcher that is attached to the forearm of the mobile suit. Cant have small shield or fist shield on the same forearm.

*192mm Shotgun/ $900,000
A pump-action shotgun, it can also be loaded automatically by an electric mechanism. One can be stored behind the legs, and one be hand carried at the same time. Two can be equipped.

*75mm Sniper Rifle/ $1,000,000
A mobile suit-sized version of the modern day sniper rifle with a 5 round magazine. The scope functions in conjunction with the Onboard computer. it is unsuitable as a primary weapon for MS combat.

*Long range beam rifle/ $4,000,000
a beam rifle specialized at sniping. low fire rate with high input shots.

*Feyadeen Rifle/ $1,500,000
Originally used by the RX-139 Hambrabi and RX-110 Gabthley. An extensive beam weapon charged by rechargeable energy cap. The feyadeen rifle can perform as a beam saber, similar to MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam's Beam Rifle.

*Sea Serpent/ $400,000
Another weapon of the Hambrabi, A wire-guided grappling weapon or shocking weapon used to deliver crippling electrical shocks to enemy mobile suits. It is launched from the hands. Results may vary.

*Sturm Faust x5/$50,000
A hand-held, single-shot, rocket propelled warhead/grenade. An explosive weapon. Can be stored on waist armor.

*Chain Mine/ $1,000,000
The chain mine was a number of disc-shaped mines connected to each other by flexible cable. Each mine had magnetic claws on its underside, allowing it to be attached to objects. The chain mine could be thrown out like grenades one by one, laid on the ground or fixed to a building as a mine, or (most destructively) attached to a single enemy and detonated.

*Beam Rifle/$900,000
Basic beam rifle. Takes many shapes and rises but its output doesn't extend much past medium range.

High Output/$500,000
Heightens the output of your beam weaponry extending its range and power. (Some beam weapons will have 'high output' in there profile and there cost it will reflect in cost)

Energy Capacity/ $500,000
Reduces power consumption, increasing the number of shots in e-cap/e-packs, but lowers damage and effective range. Also allows a slightly higher rate of fire due to shorter charge times. (Cannot be applied to a Beam Rifle with Increased Output, Long range beam rifle or Dobergun with beam upgrade)


*'Tempest' Beam Sword/ $600,000
A composite weapon that combines a beam sword with a physical sword, beam sword can be stored in a shield that is mounted on the arm. When used, the sword pops out of the shield, extends to its full length and energy blades are emitted on each side.

*Beam saber/ $700,000
Basic beam saber for close combat fighting. Can be stored on various parts of the mobile suit via installed compartment. MS must be capable of wielding beam weaponry to use.

Saber upgrades:

Overload grenade/ $400,000
Can turn the setting on the saber to 'overload' which causes the output to peak and within moments the hilt of the saber will explode with the force of a 880mm bazooka round. Depending on the scenario you may also be caught in the blast. Once done another beam saber must be purchased if you continue to wish to use one. Cannot be used if 'saber flash' was used prior.

Improved output/ $600,000
Increased the energy output of the saber as well as it's reach.

Beam saber flash/ $650,000
beam saber upgrade that causes the light saber to burn brighter as a blinding method while fighting. Saber has boosted atk stats for the brief moments its brighter but once done the saber grows weaker for a short while and is only capable of doing the flash once.

Upgrade: double flash/ $650,000
a 2nd use of the beam saber flash but after use the beam saber stops working.

*Jitte / $300,000
'Type A'. A Small beam blade that allows the user to parry incoming melee attacks without changing weapons. A great defense against beam sabers, although it is incredibly awkward to use offensively. Draws power from the rifle’s e-cap (or e-pack).
Can be equipped to beam rifles and beam machine guns.

*Jitte / $400,000
'Type B'. A Small beam blade that allows the user to parry incoming melee attacks without changing weapons. A great defense against beam sabers, although it is incredibly awkward to use offensively. Draws power from a independent E-cap enabling it to be attached to no beam weapons.
Can be quipped to machine guns and rifles.

*Beam Tomahawk/ $600,000
when not in use is mounted on the rear skirt of the suit. The head of the beam tomahawk has two beam emitters, one on the side that emits the axe-blade, and the second on top that emits a beam spike that can be used for stabbing attacks.

*Heat Weapon/ $500,000
Basic heat melee weapon that can take the form of swords, axes, rods, lances, blades etc. that can be stored on the MS back or on a small shield.

*Heat Bayonet/ $100,000
Small heat knife mainly used to attach to rifles and machine guns for added melee capability. Can be detached and used for close combat.

*Size increase/$300,000
increase the size and output of your heat weapon. can deflect projectile fire and is heavier.
example; dozle Zabi's heat hawk.

*Hyper Hammer/ $650,000
A giant spiked ball and chain. Can be equipped as a secondary melee weapon. The ball has thrusters that propel it making it cause a lot more damage upon impact. If the attack misses it can leave the user open to attack if the weapon is not abandoned or pulled back in time.

*Drill Lancer/$400,000
melee weapon modeled after a lance. the tips are drills and can be fired as one time use projectiles.

*Army Knife/ $60,000
Mounted on the bottom back forearm, it folds foward when in use. However, it has limited capabilities as its blade is considerably short. Good for quick response defense and offense in extreme close quarters.

 Any suggestions for additional equipment to be added to the shop is not only appreciated but ideal. Make sure to post any ideas In the 'Discussion/Updates' section of the forum.

This is the 'henchmen' section where you can hire your own  wingmen that follow your orders and no one else's. You can give them names or code names to be able to better differentiate them from one another and yourself when in use. Your only allowed up to 3 henchmen or 4 mobile dolls.

Oldtype/ $250,000 each
C.Newtype/ $500,000 each

You will additionally have to purchase a Mass Production type mobile suit for them to pilot.

All come with only basic armaments. You can pick a paint scheme. The MS can be upgraded or have weapons added onto it after being purchased.

*Mobile Dolls
Virgo II/ $1,000,000 each
Capable mobile suit of both defensive and offensive ability. Equipped with 8x planet defensors, 2x beam sabers and 1x beam rifle. Capable of short term atmospheric flight. Its battle potential (strategy, speed' aim and reflexes) are limited to the level of the Doll system installed into the control unit.

D-UNIT/ $1,000,000 each
A defense mobile doll created using parts of a Leo. It is armed with a pair of beam cannons in place of its arms. Used mostly as a mobile suit sized stationary turret.

Purchased mobile dolls require the Mobile Doll AI system installed into your MS to be able to use/control the mobile dolls.

If you wish to have a different Mass production mobile suit as a mobile doll then feel free to request it. We will work at what we can to make sure this is possible.


Weapons and parts can sometimes  be integrated into existing mobile suits to create more unique and customized mobile suits.
example; taking a salvaged weapon from the battlefield, or replacing the arm of a GM with the salvaged arm of the Dragon Gundam. ( All must be approved by Admin or mod.)

Pilot items
(As pistols and space suits are basic they are not on the list. Like with the mobile suits you can request custom gear for your pilot)

*Machine gun $15,000
Basic machine gun weapon.

*Throwing knives x5 $10,000 ($2,000 each)
Small knives used mainly for throwing.

*Sword $30,000
Sword for close combat. Can take the shape of a fencing sword, katana etc. (no massive swords, basic only)

Signal Gun/ $5,000
signal flare gun with two shots, used for marking and attracting attention.

*Night googles/$4,000
night googles for dark/night missions. if exposed to bright lights when in use will temporarily stun or blind the wearer.
*non-lethal-practice grenade x5/ $100

*smoke grenade x5/$500
used to bring down visibility.  not really effective toward mobile suit sensors for long unless multiple are used.

*flash-bang grenade X3/$500
creates a localized flash stunning anyone without protective eye wear.

*plastic explosive X2/$600
comes in the form of bricks. can be used to sabotage or destroy heavy armored tanks and mobile suits. (not always effective on mobile suits)

*anti-personal mine/ $500 each
anti personal mine for use in ground deployment sabotage or defense.

*anti-tank mine/ 2,000 each
larger radius than the anti personal, can damage tank tracks and puncture armor. can damage sensitive areas of most mobile suits.

Striker Packs:

Striker/wizard packs are limited on the mainstream market and considered 'rare' and as such are limited in quantity and availability.


*Hardpoint/ $400,000
A hardpoint, or weapon station, is any part of an airframe designed to carry an external load. This is required to equip striker packs and Wizard packs. Cannot have shoulder mounted cannons or use any back mounted weaponry when using a strike pack. Some mobile suits come with Hardpoints already attached. (CE mobile suits)

*AQM/E-X01 Aile Striker/ $1,500,000
Striker pack; is a high-powered thrusters backpack designed to enhance mobility and maneuverability in both space and allows full-fledged atmospheric flight. Comes with 2x beam sabers stored over each shoulder.

*AQM/E-X02 Sword Striker/ $2,000,000
Striker pack; was designed for close combat, with a very large anti-ship laser sword , Sword Striker is the only one that can be used underwater due to its design. has the lowest energy consumption, thus has the highest combat endurance. Also includes rocket anchor and Beam boomerang.

*AQM/E-X03 Launcher Striker/ $2,000,000
Striker pack; was designed for long-range assault, and is equipped with a 380mm Super-High Impulse Cannon (Agni) which has enough firepower to punch through a colony wall, or slag an enemy mobile suit with a single hit. Due to its incredibly heavy firepower it requires more energy and gives only a limited amount of shots before it consumes its independent battery. Right shoulder is equipped with a multi-barreled 120mm anti-ship Vulcan gun and a pair of 350mm gun launchers. It is mounted on the right shoulder armor and mainly used to defend against missiles and enemy mobile suits.

*AQM/E-M1 IWSP/ $5,000,000
Striker pack; The IWSP combines the primary characteristics of the Aile, Sword and Launcher Striker Packs into a single set of equipment. As such it is very heavy, very powerful, very energy intensive and difficult to use. It has two 9.1m anti-ship swords, two 115mm rail guns, two 105mm cannons and a combined shield that is armed with one Midas Messer beam boomerang and a 30mm six-barrel Gatling gun. The IWSP is shown to be able to grant the equipped suit full flight capability in the atmosphere.

*Maga no Ikutachi striker/ $5,000,000
Striker pack; The Maga no Ikutachi is equipped with 2x energy absorption claws and 2x harpoons. Its two "Maga no Ikutachi" energy absorption claws, are mounted on the striker pack. These claws can drain energy from the batteries of enemy mobile suits, weakening them while at the same time recharging the unit's own battery. Also Mounted on the "Maga no Ikutachi" striker pack, the pair of harpoons are equipped with Phase Shift technology and thus can penetrate virtually any armor, then be retracted by tether lines.

*P204QX Lightning Striker/ $4,400,000
Striker pack; It can increase the operating time of battery-powered Mobile suits (such as it did with the GAT-X105 Strike and MBF-02 Strike Rouge). The Lightning Striker's primary armament is the Type 70-31 Electromagnetic Cannon, capable of accurately firing hyper-velocity projectiles at extreme ranges, it is split in two pieces and stored on the forearms when not in use.

*EX-K Slash Wizard/ $800,000
Wizard pack; Mounted on the back over the shoulders the cannons leave the hands free to utilize other weapons. As the name implies the "Hydra" operates similar to a standard Gatling gun. Using beam technology mechanics it can be assumed that in exchange for the rapid rate of fire the beam energy is less then that of a beam rifle, meaning that the energy dissipates more quickly and thus has a shorter range. Still the cannons are solidly mid-range weapons ideal for destroying mobile suits and missiles.

Upgrade; Falx G7 Beam Axe/ $1,000,000
The Falx G7 beam axe is technologically a larger version of the beam tomahawk. The beam axe uses a collapsible shaft that when retracted allows for easy storage, but when extended makes the axe a poleaxe with a length almost equal to the average mobile suit's height. The extra reach of the axe makes is a more effective close combat weapon than the beam tomahawk. Additionally the axe head possesses two beam emitters. The first is the primary and the second is a secondary blade half the size of the primary. As the opposite end of the shaft is a small scythe-like blade, that is folded against the shaft when stored.

*EX-A1 Gunner Wizard/ $1,000,000
Wizard pack; The Mi500 "Orthros" high-energy long-range beam cannon is a powerful beam weapon capable of destroying battleships. When in use the cannon is slung under the right arm, with the left stabilizing it. When not in use the cannons is folded and stored on the Gunner Wizard pack. Because of the intense power requirements of the "Orthros" the Gunner Wizard pack comes with its own battery to draw energy from.

*EX-M Blaze Wizard/ $2,000,000
Wizard pack; The weapons system of the Blaze Wizard pack is a pair of AGM138 "Firebee" missile launcher, each of which contains 14 missiles. The Blaze Wizard also adds additional thrusters to the suit, granting it enhanced speed and maneuverability. However, unlike other high-mobility packs (Aile Striker), the Blaze Wizard lacks real flight ability.

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