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Post by RainTehMighty on Wed May 06, 2015 6:35 pm

First and foremost I would like to say that this is not an official Gundam template but of how I feel that it should be. If this type of template gets approved then I will remove this little message.


"Official Gundam Name Here"


Model Number: "Your mobile suits model number". (Don't freak out if you see someone with the same model number as yours, just means they pilot the same thing you pilot. For those that knew this already, I am sorry. For those that did not, that is for you. If you don't know your model number then please go here, type in your mobile suit's name and look for the model number. Also, if you are currently piloting a custom built mobile suit then you are free to make the model number, EX: TRI-V756.)

First Seen: "When it was first seen by the public"(In this case you would put the month then the date of that day and then finally year year number with an abbreviation of the year next to it, EX: May 25, 21 E.M. This is also meant towards when YOU piloted it not when it was first made.)

Last Seen: "When was it last seen by the public"(I prefer to keep this blank until the mobile suit is destroyed, the only way that happens is if you die in it, or the next person who pilots it.)

Manufacturer: "Whoever built your mobile suits name goes here!"(It can be the mechanic's name or the faction name, or your name if you did it yourself you skillful rouge you.)

Operator: "The factions name that technically owns this goes here"(As the description says, this will just silently remind you who owns the shiny metal ass of this machine.)

Known Pilot: "The name of the person/people who pilot/have piloted this mobile suit's name goes here"(The name of the pilots who have controlled the mobile suit, this means that the mobile suit can be passed down from person to person, with a penalty of course. The penalty is that you must have aided this person in their training when it comes to piloting the mobile suit, they will also receive the mobile suit without the upgrades, which means they must buy their own upgrades. The development must also be seen by an admin so that there will be no confusion. This mainly applies to those non-mass produced mobile suits.)

General Characteristics

Overall Height: "How tall is your mobile suit?"(Self explanatory, you want to do this one using meters, if no one knew.)

Standard Weight: "How much does your mobile suit weigh?"(Again, self explanatory. This one will use metric tons.)

Power Plant: "What kind of power is your mobile suit running on?"(For those using non-custom built mobile suits, you can find your power plat info on the wiki, for those who are using custom built MS, you must pick from current power plants.)

Pilot Accommodations: "Where will the cockpit be located?"(By default it's in the torso but custom built mobile suits can pick anywhere, but seriously, the torso is the best place.)

Armor: "What type of armor is your MS using?"(Same as Power Plant.)

(In short for those who are using non-custom built MS, just look on the wiki if you need help. Here is the link.)

Armaments: "Please give a list of the armaments that are equipped to your MS"

Special Equipment Features: "Please give a list of special features that your MS has"

Optional Equipment: "Please give a list of the equipment that your MS will/does have"

Attribute Rating

This is meant for the custom built mobile suits to help asses what they are capable of when they are first built, however this will also be used for every mobile suit after they are upgraded. Upgrades change your ratings good or bad. (This part will be handled by admins so just ask one of us and we'll give you the info you need.)

Ratings = F - Very Bad
             E - Bad
             D - Meh
             C - Ok
             B - Getting There
             A - Good
             S - Better
             SS - Even Better
             SSS - Best
             XXX - God Mode (Can only be achieved if your MS has entered a state that powers it up, must also have OS of S, SS, or SSS)

MS Strength:

MS Ground Speed:

MS Endurance:

MS Energy Output:

MS Threat Level:

MS Space Speed:

MS Water Speed:

MS Air Speed:

MS Agility:

Overall Score:

(Please keep in mind that this is not an official template, so things are subject to change or not exist at all. Thank you for reading.)

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