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Club Hennessy Interior - Description Empty Club Hennessy Interior - Description

Post by Flamegale on Sun May 10, 2015 2:33 pm

Club Hennessy Interior - Description Peregrine_falcon___club_elsewhile_by_siamon89-d4fne27

Nestled at the heart of the city, this is 'the' place to be in the Martian Colony. Club Hennessy- practically a second Vegas away from Vegas! Although, this is of course a bit 'different' from the other clubs and night life establishments in the galaxy. Firstly, it's not located within the district one would expect it to be. Instead, this club is 'literally' in the exact heart of the city, right where one would expect the capital building to be. Simply put? Lucius J. Hennessy uses this club as his capital building. Yep. So while you're sipping on your martini, you might catch a glimpse of armed men skirting the crowds... Maybe even someone being dragged into the back room to have a friendly 'chat' with the big man himself! No expense was foregone in the creation of this establishment. The neon lights accentuate each and every aspect of it's impressive architecture, in itself a testament to the power and influence of the colony itself.

It's a pretty safe place for those who might have a black mark against their names. But if you try to take what belongs to Lucius J. Hennessy..? You're sure to lose yours and gain none in the process.

The general layout of the club is as follows: It's situated within a rotunda. Five levels circle around the center, which houses the main dance floor and the largest of it's multitude of bars. It features four entrances in each of the cardinal directions, all within sight of the balconies of the four levels above the first. With the red neon off, the floors are an appealing marble black. Armed security is heavily present throughout, sometimes even mingling with the party goers!

Oh, yeah. And if it's over capacity and you try to get insistent, you'll get thrown out of more than just the club!

(This is a description for all RP sessions within the locale to be based off of. Keep it in mind!)

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