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Merchant District/Marketplace(Description) Empty Merchant District/Marketplace(Description)

Post by RainTehMighty on Sun May 10, 2015 5:49 pm

Merchant District/Marketplace(Description) 2mqvwb5

Welcome to the Merchant District! This part of the kingdom is meant for those who want to get some shopping done or just socialize with others. No matter if you're a commoner or even royalty, all are welcome here to purchase their goods. The shops range from food stalls, clothing stalls, toy shops and that's just the walking area; there is a lower area where people do not walk but use ferry boats. You are of course allowed to use ferry boats free of charge, no speed boats because the Queen feels it would mess with the natural flow of things down there. The lower level or what we common folk call it, the Ferry Highway, has shops where you can buy the heavier things like furniture, suit cases, and you can even order mobile suit parts from a hefty sum of the merchants there. There is also a tunnel that leads to the ruined city of Atlantis, of course anyone is allowed to travel down there, we've actually recently seen people coming from that tunnel. Maybe people still live on that side of Mercuria..?

Overhead are the patrols, Mercurian soldiers that pilot mobile suits patrol the skies awaiting to intercept attacks, not to mention look intimidating. The soldiers that patrol the streets are friendly sorts though, they'll do the jobs that the pilots in the mobile suits can't, handle the ground level riff-raff!

(This is a place where people can RP, please don't bring your mobile suits here because you would be shot and killed instantly by the soldiers, so no ill-intent here. If you're willing to put up a fight then by all means go for it but just say bye bye to your character for us.)

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