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Residential District(Description) Empty Residential District(Description)

Post by RainTehMighty on Sun May 10, 2015 6:14 pm

Residential District(Description) 2qdtkjp

Welcome to the residential area of Mercuria. This part of the kingdom is worn and run down but the people don't seem to mind too much, the queen has given free reign to anyone that wishes to remodel their homes, some have done so while others are just lazy. There are quite a lot of vacant houses being built, perhaps the queen expects more people to flock to Mercury because of the war?

Soldiers can be seen constantly patrolling the streets, making sure that no crimes are being committed and that everyone is safe. It is quite a nice neighborhood. Above us is the Kamina apartment complex, that place was recently built for those who can't afford a full on house or just want a smaller space. There are multiple roads that all have signs near them that tell which street leads where, the main road is called Mercuria road, it leads to the Merchant District in the north, while in the south it leads to the arena known as Kamina city, it's also used for Mobile Suit training by the military so don't be surprised if you spot soldiers walking in large numbers to and from that way.

(Since this is the residential district you are free to make a rp thread that revolves around being out in the streets, near houses blah blah or you can do it inside your own house. In order to do that you have to have a house in the RD or an apartment, rping in someone elses house requires knowing the person+having a key to the place+being granted permission or you could be staying there too. Breaking into someones home is allowed but be advised you could get caught and thrown in jail if your reflexes are not up to par. Also if a break-in/robbery is successful then neighborhood security will be tightened, making it more difficult for further break-ins/robberies. Still, have fun!)

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