The Arena A.K.A Kamina City(Description)

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The Arena A.K.A Kamina City(Description) Empty The Arena A.K.A Kamina City(Description)

Post by RainTehMighty on Sun May 10, 2015 6:41 pm

The Arena A.K.A Kamina City(Description) 2afh7xc

Before all of the hullabaloo with the universes becoming one and the Great Galaxy War becoming a thing, there was the War of Mercuria. When the king was alive a war broke out between him and his brother, Juunkin, this war destroyed the old kingdom's central city, Kamina City. In honor of all the brave men that died on that day, a replica of the great city was built and used as a training ground for soldiers. This replica was not forgotten, in fact it was rebuilt after the kingdom was rebuilt in the new universe. This replica has become known as The Arena.

The Arena is used for duels, military training exercises, mobile suit games, and doubles as a battle ground. The buildings are not hard to rebuild so anyone doing battle here are allowed to deal property damage. Located around The Arena are cameras that cover every inch of the place, this allows spectators to view the activities without being close to the action, this also reduces civilian casualties. The most action that The Arena sees are the mobile suit duels between Princess Robyn and her potential suitors which is almost everyday and is always broadcasted, the people do enjoy those duels. Soldiers, like other places, patrol this place as well, especially when the Princess does her duels. There is only one road leading to The Arena, that road comes from the Residential District which means the road is called Kamina Road, however across a large body of water a feint glimpse of a city can be seen, that is the ruined city of Atlantis. Ferry Boats can be seen rowing to and from there from time to time.

(This is where MS battles and duels and such can happen, if you become a high ranking person in the Mercury Military then you can conduct training exercises, just get permission from the general of course. If there is a duel between Princess Robyn and her suitors, you have the option to watch from monitors, somehow sneak up the wall and get a front row seat, or just walk away. Hell you can even challenge her, good luck though. Or if you have the strength, you could swim to Atlantis, that's like a 4 hour swim and plus there's a road you could take, but hey you're commander muscles, you got dis!)

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