Mercurai, home of the royal family!(Description)

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Mercurai, home of the royal family!(Description) Empty Mercurai, home of the royal family!(Description)

Post by RainTehMighty on Sun May 10, 2015 7:51 pm

Mercurai, home of the royal family!(Description) Wqmq1

The home of the royal family(duh) and the place of operations for Mercury's Water. This castle, yes it is a castle, is the center stone of Mercuria. The place is currently off limits to the public during war time, however the royal family refuses to be shut in by war, hence why they come out more frequently. Usually the first floor would be the kingdom's courthouse while the basement was the prison, however because of the obvious that was stated these locations have been changed.

The front of the castle is decorated with a field of flowers, all of them categorized by color and each of them meaning standing for peace and love to the Kingdom. In the middle of the flowers is a large circular water fountain. There is no large gate so people are free to loiter, there are however a very very VERY large platoon of soldiers that are both stationed in the front and patrolling the whole castle, not to mention the anti-storming system or NoStormZone for semi-short. The system is meant to auto-kill any target that threatens the royal family or any citizen of Mercuria. The system consist of fifteen mini-gun turrets that will deploy themselves from the flower field, thirteen mini-rocket launchers that are positioned alongside the castle outer walls, twenty-eight beam cannons that are laced around the castle grounds, and a large unmanned machine-gun turret that is meant to be piloted by a trained professional, this is located within the fountain. In short, don't do anything stupid to the royal family.

Kamina Road leads to the castle, it is a straight shot from the Merchant District, from the castle there are four main roads including Kamina Road that lead to key places in the kingdom. Since Kamina Road is in front of the castle, let us call this the south road, the east road is called Simone Road, that road leads to the ruined city of Atlantis. The north road is called Jonathan Road, this road leads to the inner city that is also connected to the spaceport. The final road to the west is called Knight Road, this road leads to the kingdom's national park and also the military base. There are various smaller roads that can be taken in order to get to different and lesser known locations like other residential areas and business areas but those are not important.

(You are free to loiter outside just don't cause trouble, we don't want anyone to die.)

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