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Post by Flamegale on Mon May 11, 2015 1:57 pm

The Markets The_market1-992x550

Within the annals of these streets, you will find anything you could ever think to buy! Though, as far as mobile suit equipment goes, finding even a basic piece is especially difficult in this locale... In the darker markets, there will occasionally be something high priority. Something usually instantly bought up within a day or two of it's arrival. What you'll find here are the essentials for city life or settled living, mostly... As well as the essentials for living specifically for the type of people who frequent such places as this colony. Firearms. Blades. Even defensive articles if you're lucky. All of it is perfectly legal within High Roller, so long as you don't get too full of yourself and try something you shouldn't! Security patrols the area as it does every other portion of the city- albeit loosely. All that they look for is unjustified violence.

Justified? At least give them a good show of it.

The alleys are where the seedier dealers gather. Various substances and items that may be seen as undesirable by even the henchmen of the big man himself are shelled out to those wise enough to find them. If one is lucky, you might even come across a piece of equipment for yourself or your mobile suit that you can't find anywhere else! Be prepared, however... Those that carry such goods usually have their own terms for purchase.

(This is the description of the area for those who would like to RP within it. Occasionally, special black market events will be posted if it's seen to be enough characters of the appropriate alignment or background. Keep an eye out if you're around!)

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