The Ruined City of Atlantis(Description)

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The Ruined City of Atlantis(Description) Empty The Ruined City of Atlantis(Description)

Post by RainTehMighty on Mon May 11, 2015 2:19 pm

The Ruined City of Atlantis(Description) 15y7tc0

The ruined city of Atlantis is quite the mysterious place, mainly because no one knows where it came from. It was said that the city was discovered once the builders of the kingdom first came to the new universe's Mercury. The city is in ruins with the buildings covered with plant life, most of the houses are intact so remodeling them to be liveable is not out of the question. The roads are also covered with plants but there are also mobile suit markings, this proves that others have taken up residence here, it also proves that they battle frequently or maybe they test their MS out.

The people that stay in Atlantis are called Atlantians, they are like other normal Mercurians except they are mysterious, harboring untold knowledge about the city that they refuse to disclose to everyone else. The city has been way over due for remodeling but because of the current war the funds, such a thing will have to wait. The road leading to the city is only a one way street with the city being a very big dead end, however if you look across the way, you can see The Arena. The road that was spoken of is a bridge, and a very long one at that but it is clear that whoever built Atlantis was planning to venture across the water in order to expand, at least the bridge is finished.

(The city is huge so you are free to explore it, you can even speak to the locals. Fighting of any kind is allowed here because who's going to stop you? And finally you can even live in one of the vacant houses, maybe remodel them if you so choose. Oh yeah and you can loot or whatever, just don't steal from the wrong people. They will more than likely kill you.)

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