Mercuria Military Base(Description)

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Mercuria Military Base(Description) Empty Mercuria Military Base(Description)

Post by RainTehMighty on Sat May 16, 2015 7:03 pm

Mercuria Military Base(Description) Military_base

The Mercury Military base also known as Mercuria Military Base which is also known as MMB. It used to be Mercuria Military Association but it didn't sound as good, or made any sense. Here is where the Mercurian soldiers operate, the soldiers here are also apart of the faction known as Mercury's Waters, which would mean that this is their public head quarters. Inside access is prohibited, the outside however is a totally different story all together. Outside of the base are two dozen soldiers that constantly patrol the grounds, not only that but there are soldiers at the top, standing guard in the lookout towers. There are a total of six machine-gun turrets that will instantly fire upon hostiles and three rocket launcher turrets that will do the same.

Given then base's size, one can only wonder how the soldiers get their Mobile Suits out and ready for battle, it is said that when MS are being deployed, a huge part of the base submerges and opens up into a docking/launching bay.

(At the moment the base inside is inaccessible, that's because no PC has entered it yet. I don't think I need to tell you what would happen if you fought here, well actually I do. If you fight here you will be shot on sight if your fighting is not stopped immediately, if you do stop they will ask for your identification, if you are not a citizen of either Mercuria or Atlantis then you are instantly thrown into a prison cell until Melonie Smith interrogates you. If you are an Atlantean or Mercurian citizen then your MS or weapons will be confiscated, you will be thrown into a prison cell until further notice, afterwards you will be forcibly enlisted into the Mercurian military. If you do not comply you will rot in the cell or choose a quick death. Harsh I know but you did want to fight here.)

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