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Mercuria Academy(Description) Empty Mercuria Academy(Description)

Post by RainTehMighty on Sat May 16, 2015 7:10 pm

Mercuria Academy(Description) Iom7n5

Mercuria Academy is a place of higher learning, a place where small children can adapt and grow into fine adults and utilize their skills, all without having to change schools. MA houses grades from pre-k to college without skipping a beat, the teachers are highly skilled in their respective instructional divisions. Students here learn every single thing that they could learn from other schools and more, by that I mean the Mobile Suit course. The Mobile Suit coarse is meant to train those who wish to become pilots in the future, unlike vocational classes that require a near adult age, MS training only requires that the student be at least eleven years old.

The school is vast in size and can house up to 100,000 students. Not only that but since the school is across the way from the military base the students feel much safer than they would in any other school. If that doesn't get your blood pumping for learning, wait till you hear who attends our school: The Royal Family! That's right, the children of our queen and king attend the academy. Registration requires you to pass the entrance exam unless you have a formal recommendation. We here at Mercurai Academy hope to see you soon!

(It's a school blah blah blah go to class and such. You can do homework but it's really for the kid PC's to get some development. Here you can mingle with the NPC's like the royal children but be warned, you can also end up getting into fights. If you want to hone your skills then you can practice your piloting.)

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