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VT Military Base(Description) Empty VT Military Base(Description)

Post by RainTehMighty on Wed May 20, 2015 3:13 am

VT Military Base(Description) 4kh4yh

The most advanced and productive military base in all of the universe, VT Military base. Here we manufacture state-of-the-art mobile suits that are capable of combating threats, we also train the best pilots who have been bred via cloning of our best pilots. The base is armed with heat-seeking missile launchers and are ready to annihilate threats that any enemy shall pose but the real weapons are our pilots, especially the squad known as The Next Brigade, the best pilots who have excelled in their training and exceeded all expectations on the battlefield, especially their leader, Captain Tsukiumi Kobayashi, the one and only clone of Tsubaki Kobayashi and Tamiko Yukimura. She leads her squad like her mother Tsubaki led her team, so much so that people are already calling them the next generation of the Venus Team. The soldiers run drills on the daily to not only keep in tip top shape, but they also patrol the whole colony, keeping us safe from all who dare threaten us. If you wish to join the army, there are recruiters walking the base grounds, searching for new recruits.

(Currently the inside of the base is unseen until a player becomes a soldier here. If you fight here, you might die, but still a good place to get some rp done.)

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