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Venus Chaser Exterior(Description) Empty Venus Chaser Exterior(Description)

Post by RainTehMighty on Wed May 20, 2015 12:57 pm

Venus Chaser Exterior(Description) 2wp17gg

Venus Chaser is the most hyped club in all of the galaxy, why? Because it's full of nothing but women! Women here and there, women dancing on each other, women getting drinks, WOMEN MAKING DRINKS! It's a paradise right? Well for us anyway, men aren't allowed here unless they're delivering beverages and if they are caught mingling or doing anything to the customers, they are immediately thrown out and black listed. Getting into the club is very difficult as it tends to fill up quickly, you would have to be a very important person to get in without having to be checked on the list.

Now since this is the best club in the galaxy, we have to have a LOT of protection. We have soldiers from Daughters of Venus giving us the utmost protection, sadly the only one's that they seem to always catch are the men. Seriously guys, just bring us our drinks and don't be creepy. It's unhealthy.

(Since this is the outside of the club the rp should be done outside. Duh. DoV are keeping this place safe so fight if you want but they will hurt you in the end. If you don't get in the regular way...there is always a back entrance....ahem ahem)

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