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Post by Ray119 on Thu Apr 23, 2015 8:33 am

Member Information
Member Username:
Member Age:
(This section makes it easier to keep up with your current character and avoid a mix up with another persons character.)

Basic Information
"Introduction Quote"

Epithet:(Nickname for Character)
Height: (How tall your character)
Weight: (How much your character weighs)
Current Age: (How old you are currently, be sure to update through gameplay and timeskips)
Gender:   (If your character is Male or Female)
Character Alignment:  (Lawful Good, Lawful Bad, Lawful Neutral, Chaotic Good, Chaotic Bad, Chaotic Neutral, Evil Neutral, Chaotic Evil, etc...)
Racial Sub-type: (Type of human sub-type your character is)
Associated Animal: (What animal represents your character)
Associated Color(s): (What color(s) represents your character)
Associated Number(s): (Number your character favors)
Zodiac Sign: (Zodiac sign based on birth date)
Birthday: (Date of Birth)
Favorite Foods: (What foods your character likes)
Scent: (Your smell, if you have one)

Character Job: (Jobs that your character has such as a Pilot, Engineer, Mechanic, Faction Leader, Teacher, etc...)

Faction: (What group you've decided to join or N/A if you don't have one, or haven't joined one)

Character Development Information
"Significant Quote, Or Character Statement"

Personality: (The attitude your character has, such as how you react to situations or how you are on a daily basis. Must be at least one paragraph/five sentences)

Appearance: (How your character appears, 5 sentences are necessary and face claims are allowed)

Player Stats: (You have a total of 150 points to distribute.)

  • Strength - Base stat (Bonus stats)
  • Intelligence - Base stat (Bonus stats)
  • Reaction - Base stat (Bonus stats)

Combat Information
"Battle Quote"

Fighting Style: (The style used by your character.)

Weapons: (Weapons used when fighting.)

Non-Weapon Items: (Items that your character has on their person)

Techniques: (Skills or techniques that your character is capable of doing)

Team Techniques:



  • (Here you will list the name and type of Gundam(s) you own/pilot. Start the list with your current Gundam and go down from there.)

Character's Story
"Quote Relating To Character History"

Place of Birth: (Where your character was born)

Character Relationships: (Ties to others)

Characters Team: (Name of members you've teamed up with)

Character Goal: (You characters goal in life)

Character History: (The history of your character)

If there are any questions you have with filling out the character template please message me Ray119 or one of the other moderators for help.(Erase this once you've completed your character template.)

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