Tokugawa's Bath House(Description)

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Tokugawa's Bath House(Description) Empty Tokugawa's Bath House(Description)

Post by RainTehMighty on Wed May 27, 2015 1:46 am

Tokugawa's Bath House(Description) 2edxcgn

Welcome to Tokugawa's bath house, my name is Yusuke Tokugawa and this is my wife, Harumi. We here in this beautiful city of Hitoshi believe that everyone deserves to take a rest after a hard day, why not spend it here?

You see, we're no spa, spas are for people who wish to be pampered, this place here is meant for the manliest people to gather up and relax after working so hard. Not only that but they can also bring their family and friends and stay at the inn part of our bathhouse, we promise to treat you like family.

(Front entrance, when you enter you'll just see the standardized clerk's desk. Just tell Harumi that you're by yourself or with a party of how ever many are with you and she'll show you to the bath, she will also tell you about the hot spring in the back that you are free to travel to. By the way if you fight here, make sure to put on a show for the Tokugawa's, they love them some manly fights.)

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