Hirazaki Files: Part 1: Tamiko Yukimura and the Daughters of Venus

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Hirazaki Files: Part 1: Tamiko Yukimura and the Daughters of Venus Empty Hirazaki Files: Part 1: Tamiko Yukimura and the Daughters of Venus

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Name: Tamiko Yukimura

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Faction Association: Daughters of Venus

Rank Status: Leader

Original Universe: Universal Century

Voice recording introduction: ~Testing...testing! One-two-three, is this thing on? *slight inhale-like gasp* Oh it is- *Ahem* This is Mikihisa Hirazaki of the Hirazaki Private Chronicler Agency, or HPCA for short- uhm patent on the name is pending *grumbles* (stupid name agency) Any who! As you all know my loyal...twenty..three subscribers, I have taken it upon myself to cronicalize, my own word yes, cronicalize these factions and their leaders, who have once again decided humanity's fate. Let me set the record straight by saying that as someone who cares deeply for humanity and all it stands for, I will be withholding my judgements and personal opinions with great restraint and even greater regret. These factions and their leaders may not be well-suited for their jobs in my opinion but because this is fair chronicalization, my word again yes, chronicalization they will receive respectful, non-satirical, and true to the core information written about them here, thus I, as a professional, must keep it strictly business(no matter how much it pisses me off). Now, let's get started.~End voice recording introduction.

Voice recording: ~About seventeen years ago before all this war mess started up there was a woman, who had sound ideas of unity and prosperity. This woman had support from thousands, these people saw good in her because she did prove that her words were not just words, they had action behind them. This woman's name was Tsubaki Kobayashi, she was a former lieutenant turned captain of a space vessel that housed an all female crew of fifty, called the Venus Team. The Venus Team, as I said before, was a crew comprised of fifty women, those women took on various missions from espionage to assassination to rescue to soldiers-of-fortune, they were undeniably the best men- er women to take on any job; anyway, back to the topic at hand.

Hirazaki Files: Part 1: Tamiko Yukimura and the Daughters of Venus Ndms9l

Tsubaki was a rough-and-tumble, no nonsense woman who could deliver on what she promised, and what she promised was what humanity needed! A colony that could aid in producing food, water, and shelter, a government that would actually listen to the people instead of making decisions on their own, and to top it all off, she wanted both genders, male and female, to live within said colony! But of course...there were those that did not believe in such a thing. Fast forward to 4 E.M, this is where rumors about those who joined the UWO began to regret their decision; Tsubaki's promise was being put into motion, a colony was being built on Venus and the name of it was going to be New Hope, key word 'was', and it was made for both the people, man and woman, but of course like all fairy tales, there's that one plot twist; Tsubaki was found dead, drifting in space.

Yeah, dead, and it was the most horrific day of every Tsubaki supporters life. The Venus Team were the ones that were the most devastated by it, except one, the new acting captain of the crew, Tamiko Yukimura.

Hirazaki Files: Part 1: Tamiko Yukimura and the Daughters of Venus 155gk8m

To this day no one knows how she died, however you'd have to be stupid to think that she just somehow wound up there and "oh hey I fergaht ta brain taday! Hurr durr dead!" No! She was obviously murdered, by who no one knows, but you have to admit that it's suspicious. What's even more suspicious was this "new" acting captain who not only took control of the crew but also took Tsubaki's seat within the UWO, mostly because Tsubaki had made it clear that in the event of anything happening to her, her seat would go to her best friend, Shinai Kagetsu.

Hirazaki Files: Part 1: Tamiko Yukimura and the Daughters of Venus 15wf9th

Shinai was the crews mechanic, chief medical officer, and representative diplomat, she was also the head of New Hope's construction until the sudden death of her best friend; this woman is the best candidate to replace Tsubaki, the most qualified and was even chosen! And yet we got a man-hating thug with a superiority compl--

Audio has been censored....

--....Ok...Seems I need to get this thing fixed, I apologize, I had it set to this to censor swear words, not my anger..well I guess it saved me from jeering off topic. Sorry. After Tsubaki's funeral, Shinai vanished without a trace after Tamiko took Tsubaki's seat, and ever since then things started to slowly descend into what we have to deal with today; New Hope became nothing but a distant memory once Tamiko took over, she quickly pushed her own ideals about a nation ran only by women, for women. At first the vision did not fly until others began to split from the UWO in order to create their own nations, Tamiko and the Venus Team included, Tamiko then put out a message for all women to see.

Hirazaki Files: Part 1: Tamiko Yukimura and the Daughters of Venus 155gk8m
Maidens of space, hear me.
I am but a humble leader who wishes for all of my sisters to come together.
To live in peace and harmony, free from the chains of a male driven society.
Free from the worries of oppression and judgement from those who are lesser than you.
Join me, become a daughter of Venus.
Fulfill your destiny.

Tamiko was a Venus Team crew member from the mobile suit piloting division. She specializes in close-quarters combat but was no stranger to ranged fighting. My sources tell me that she and Tsubaki never saw eye-to-eye because of her diva-like personality, however I can neither confirm or deny if such a personality exist within her, what I can tell you is that she runs the all female nation known as Daughters of Venus. What I can also tell you is that she is not only the leader of the nation but also it's best pilot and central military commander, because of this, DoV's military strength is quite a force to be reckoned with. That being said, all women who wish for an equal universe or all men who wish to remain men(if you catch my meaning) steer clear of the Daughters of Venus. ~End audio...

Nation name: Nation of the Daughters or Nation of Venus

Population: roughly 250,000(Women)

Location: Colony on the planet Venus

Hirazaki Files: Part 1: Tamiko Yukimura and the Daughters of Venus V5jypv

Voice recording: ~The faction known as the Daughters of Venus possess a colony of all women, seriously, everyone that walks those pearly white streets are 100% female. This colony, as in it's people, were founded by Captain Tamiko Yukimura and her crew, The Venus Team. Population wise it would be considered fairly decent for a colony that was built to house more, however despite the populace being all female the odd truth has failed to slow down their growth. Tsubaki Kobayashi, who was captain of the Venus Team years ago commissioned her crew's mechanic, Shinai Kagetsu to gather a team of able bodied men and women to build the colony so it could act as a safe haven for all, after Tsubaki's death in 4 E.M however, Kagetsu disappeared leaving the able bodied men and women to finish the colony without her; after it's completion the safe haven for all who wished it, became the safe haven for all women. Both Kobayashi and Kagetsu meant for the colony to be called New Hope but due to the change in leadership, it was left unnamed, those who look upon it now only refer to it as the Nation of The Daughters or the Nation of Venus.

The people within the colony do not hate men despite popular belief, instead they welcome men to visit for a few weeks but only if they know the resident that they are visiting, the resident must also verify the visitor. The reason for such a rule is due to Yukimura declaring that although she does not hate men, she does not wish for her sisters to be corrupted by male society; sadly no one disagreed. The Nation of Venus has a cloning facility that allows the women to clone themselves and even splice their DNA with another females so that the child looks like the original but with a few modifications, you can even splice them with male DNA; this method guarantees a new female citizen. They do also allow woman to birth children via usual means but if the child is male they are given two very frowned upon and cruel choices: Give the child up to the father, an orphanage, or anyone who will take him or leave. I have heard that most have chosen the former while others have chosen the latter, I honestly feel both should be retracted as options but that's none of my business.

I have looked into the colony, heavily. Life there seems to be great, rarely do you hear about conflict, both the financial and environmental economy there is booming so much that trading with them would a very wise decision, on top of that(and as much as I hate to admit it) Tamiko Yukimura or Big Sister as they all call her, governs the nation extremely well. She runs a fair and honest government yet commands a very scary military. My theory is, and this is going off what I feel, the nation is like a giant bottle of glitter, but the color of the glitter is not gold, meaning keep them at a distance and don't piss them off. There is a reason why the military scares me, and not just me either there are other army leaders that tend to avoid confrontation with Tamiko Yukimura, just think about it
. ~End audio...

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