Hirazaki Files: Part 2: Takeshi Kuro and the Sons of Saturn

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Hirazaki Files: Part 2: Takeshi Kuro and the Sons of Saturn Empty Hirazaki Files: Part 2: Takeshi Kuro and the Sons of Saturn

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Name: Takeshi Kuro

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Faction Association: Sons of Saturn

Rank Status: Leader

Original Universe: Future Century

Voice recording introduction: ~Testing...testing! One-two-three, This is Mikihisa Hirazaki of the Hirazaki Private Chronicler Agency, or HPCA for short. As you all know my loyal...thirty..seven subscribers(oh yay it went up!), I have taken it upon myself to cronicalize, my own word yes, cronicalize these factions and their leaders, who have once again decided humanity's fate. Let me set the record straight by saying that as someone who cares deeply for humanity and all it stands for, I will be withholding my judgements and personal opinions with great restraint and even greater regret. These factions and their leaders may not be well-suited for their jobs in my opinion but because this is fair chronicalization, my word again yes, chronicalization they will receive respectful, non-satirical, and true to the core information written about them here, thus I, as a professional, must keep it strictly business(no matter how much it pisses me off). Now, glad that's out of the way. Here we go with part 2.~End voice recording introduction.

Voice recording: ~I have often said that a man cannot be considered a man unless he knows what he is capable of, a woman cannot be considered a woman if she fears that the world knows what she is capable of, and a human being cannot be considered human if they limit themselves to being just capable. Honestly I have no idea where I was going with that but I felt that I needed to start this part off with something smart and I have failed! Thank god for the delete button....what the...perma-record on....cannot be deleted.......*sighs*.....mmffFUUU--

Audio has been censored....

--Takeshi Kuro is a giant beast of a man who was given a seat on the UWO because of his ace piloting skills and tactical commanding of his forces during the battles of 1 E.M, since then he has openly stated to the public that he would give his opinions on matters that involved combat and militaristic organization. This man was actually an OK sort, he didn't cause any trouble and all his troops were like angels when they were off duty, it was because of him and his soldiers that peace was held for as long as it was. Only weird thing about them was that they would recite words of bravery, courage, and manly honor while speaking to people, actually no that part was more annoying than weird.

Hirazaki Files: Part 2: Takeshi Kuro and the Sons of Saturn Xatnb

Despite his openness to the public he was also a man of few words but never seemed to be a man who lacked a flair for the dramatic when it came down to it, a perfect example of this would be when he and Tsubaki Kobayashi sparred while piloting training mobile suits. Those who do not know about Tsubaki Kobayashi, please refer to my previous chronicle file that explains a bit about who she was, what she did, and a few other things here. I actually managed to record an audio clip of their duel so I'll let you all listen, just...be warned...it gets weird after a while...

--Audio Clip Uploaded--

Hirazaki Files: Part 2: Takeshi Kuro and the Sons of Saturn 2nc2afm
Takeshi Kuro: *Gundam sounds* Ah, Ms.Kobayashi! It warms my heart to see you in a mobile suit that would put me at a disadvantage. You honor me by donning that superior piece of machinery.
Hirazaki Files: Part 2: Takeshi Kuro and the Sons of Saturn Fn76rn
Tsubaki Kobayashi: *Gundam sounds* Not to wound your pride but I know one of the mechanics told you which training GM I would be using, which means you chose that obsolete piece of garbage knowing what I had.

T. Kuro: *Gasp followed by gundam sounds* This "obsolete piece of trash" has feelings! Every mobile suit does, even the one you pilot!

T.Kobayashi: *Gundam sounds, imagine a light robotic facepalm* You're joking right..? Robots don't have feelings, especially not killing machines like these. And yes *Gundam sounds, maybe she's pointing at him* obsolete garbage, it doesn't even have any weapons-

T.Kuro:*Gundam sounds* -Ah-ah-ah! *gundam sounds* It has two vulcan guns on the head! And again I counter your insult with my previous statement: *gundam sounds followed by clanks, he must be putting his mech hands on his hips like a standard superhero* Every mobile suit has feelings. *Heroic gleam*

T.Kobayashi: Ugh! Do you seriously have to look as lame as you sound-

T.Kuro: Manliness is not lame! A man is truly a man when he shows his passion and gusto, especially when he flexes! *Gundam flexing noise*

T.Kobayashi: Oh you have got to be kiddi-

T.Kuro: And furthermore, a man shall always let his spirit shine out onto the battlefield like a shining beacon from heaven above, this spirit is within each and every man that exist in our beautiful merged universe, it is within everything that we do, say, feel, and even build, so for you my dear to say that manliness is lame then it is like spitting upon the very fabric of beautifully chiseled cloth that was used to create the muscly, stylized clothing of manhood!!

T.Kobayashi: Wha-what?-

T.Kuro: And that very manhood was the same manhood that was used to construct the fine piece of machinery that you and I pilot at this.very.moment! In fact because of the manhood that constructed these mobile suits exist then that means that they transferred their brave and noble spirits into them, and thus the spirit of manhood is within this mobile suits! The Spirits and the MANLY FEELINGS!?!?!?! *Gundam noises, I think he just went super saiyan*

T.Kobayashi: ..........

--End of Audio Clip--

I told you, now you can't be upset with me because I warned you beforehand. Needless to say however, he lost that duel, not because of his mobile suit however, he lost because he forfeit. What he did was pretty incredible before he forfeit, he destroyed the arms and legs of Tsubaki's mobile suit with just hand-to-hand combat, then once victory was within his grasp he gave up; he said it only brought shame to his manhood by defeating an opponent in a duel while using training mobile suits. Odd because he was the one who initiated the challenge. Ever since that day it has been noted by numerous eye witnesses that Tsubaki and Takeshi were hanging out with each other, as if they were friends. This actually helped to strengthen relations within the UWO however, various Tsubaki supporters and Takeshi soldiers would be seen helping one another, putting on entertaining shows for on-lookers, and even helping the less fortunate. Eventually, Takeshi announced his support for Tsubaki's colony and demanded that the manhood, his words not mine, manhood of his men would aid the great intellect of Shinai Kagetsu. All was well...until Tsubaki's death, after he had heard about it rumors began to spread that Takeshi refused to leave his quarters, he didn't want to eat, drink, sleep...no one knew why...well...the smart people knew anyway. I can honestly say, I sympathize with him.

As time passed Takeshi finally came back into the public eye but only to argue against the woman that replaced Tsubaki on the UWO, Tamiko Yukimura. It is said that he greatly opposed her decision to make the colony that was built by both men and women to be exclusive to only women, saying it would be unfair to both genders and would desecrate Tsubaki's honor, of course he was right but no one dared to speak against it, so once the decision was made for the all female colony he caused an uproar. Soon the great divide happened within the UWO, everyone who split made their own faction and of course that included Takeshi. Tamiko created her own faction called the Daughters of Venus, in turn, Takeshi decided to create the People of Saturn in order to honor the wish of Tsubaki, however due to the short notice he did not have a colony ready and waiting unlike others who had prepared ahead of time(or stole a colony that they didn't even make...). Eventually the men and women who joined PoS were told by him to join other nations because he feared he could not take care of them as he had intentioned, claiming he had failed them and Tsubaki. The only ones to stay by his side were his soldiers, those brave men vowed to build the colony themselves, not for them but for the man who gave them everything they themselves felt they could not achieve alone, manhood.

Soon the colony was built, Takeshi who assisted with the construction when it was halfway done, declared that he would honor Tsubaki by staying true to his manly ways, thus he named his faction the Sons of Saturn and the colony to, Hitoshī. Although the faction name suggest inequality amongst genders, it was actually far from it, Takeshi declared that he would accept man and woman to become his figurative "son" because he felt that even the most beautiful of women could be manly and have the undying manly spirit. It..took a while before people accepted his weird way of doing things, but once they did, they began to regret not accepting it sooner. The man runs his colony like a good father takes care of his children, and his military is one of the toughest to handle. My personal opinion on this man and his Sons of Saturn is that they are definitely one of those books you can't judge simply by the cover, that being said they are still weird so...approach with caution.
~End audio...

Nation Name: Hitoshī

Population: 355,072

Location: Colony on the planet Saturn

Hirazaki Files: Part 2: Takeshi Kuro and the Sons of Saturn 14idf8w

Voice recording: ~The Sons of Saturn are a group comprised of men and women, despite the misleading name, their leader Takeshi Kuro has stated that he will accept men and women as his "sons", gender matters not. Hitoshī was built by the Sons of Saturn back when they were nameless soldiers, they did this in order to repay Takeshi, who at the time was in a slump because he felt that he had failed the people that followed him and Tsubaki. The colony itself is still technically unfinished because upon it's completion the people that were previously told by Takeshi to join other nations came rushing back in order to support him, thus Hitoshī became populated, over-populated.

The nation as it is now however is actually liveable, the government is fair, albeit weird, the military is comprised of compassionate soldiers who are looking to not only make a difference but to solidify it. The people of this nation are actually a mixed breed between nice and mean, which oddly gives it that feel of realism, like everyone does not agree with each other but they don't go too far with it. In short I actually like this nation. The Sons as a faction are a little iffy however, this has to due with their colorful outlook when it comes to battle, a.k.a most of them follow their own orders and chalk it up as an episode of "passion" quite frankly I am not pleased. Of course my opinion is moot compared to their results in combat, because lets be real here, they do get the job done. Also, unlike a certain faction that runs a certain colony, this colony does not care if men and women birth a child through normal means and they most certainly do not give the parents choices that lead to abandonment issues. All-in-all I must say that I enjoy hearing about the various antics/heroics that the Sons of Saturn have to offer, I am also sure that I will enjoy hearing more of them in the coming future.
~ End audio...

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