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Hirazaki Files: Part 3: Melonie Smith and Mercury's Water Empty Hirazaki Files: Part 3: Melonie Smith and Mercury's Water

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Name: Melonie Smith

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Faction Association: Mercury's Water

Rank Status: Leader

Original Universe: Exodus Machina or this new universe of ours

Voice recording introduction: ~Testing...testing! One-two-three, This is Mikihisa Hirazaki of the Hirazaki Private Chronicler Agency, or HPCA for short. As you all know my loyal...eighty..nine subscribers(yuuuush!), I have taken it upon myself to cronicalize, my own word yes, cronicalize these factions and their leaders, who have once again decided humanity's fate. Let me set the record straight by saying that as someone who cares deeply for humanity and all it stands for, I will be withholding my judgements and personal opinions with great restraint and even greater regret. These factions and their leaders may not be well-suited for their jobs in my opinion but because this is fair chronicalization, my word again yes, chronicalization they will receive respectful, non-satirical, and true to the core information written about them here, thus I, as a professional, must keep it strictly business(no matter how much it pisses me off). Here we go with part 3.~End voice recording introduction.

Voice recording: ~I just want to start off by saying that I have a deep hatred for child prodigies and everything they stand for. These little monsters always seem to have this supreme intellect, or some strange creative art that got them noticed, or some type of musical genius that caused people to boast about them, claiming that they live on a higher plain of existence than the genius that did it first. What makes it worse is that most of these freaks of nature tend to believe it. Fu--Audio--that and fu--has been--them! Those little as--censored--holes don't deserve recognition if they can't take a compliment like they take in oxygen, slowly and gratefully. Honestly, I might just be over-exaggerating because of my past experiences with these "demigods" among humans but at the same time, they do suck.

The reason I speak about child prodigies in tonight's segment? It's because of Mercury's Water and their leader, Melonie Smith. Melonie Smith was regarded as a child freakin prodigy at the age of seven, at that time she was running her father's arms corporation that had not only been struggling with sales but also had to deal with competition that had leagues of experience that easily trumped her father. That seven year old conducted a series of sales maneuvers that completely decimated the rival corporations so bad, they were forced into a merger. She's a dangerous one I'll tell you that, and that same dangerous seven year old is back seven years later running a faction.

Hirazaki Files: Part 3: Melonie Smith and Mercury's Water 21j6rh5
It all began with a woman named Simone Smith, the mother of said prodigy who had a very important seat within the UWO. Simone's job was to ensure that the UWO had enough funding to commit to their actions, she was amazing at her job by the way but that was not a job meant for her. If you haven't already noticed, I have been addressing this woman the wrong way, her full name is Queen Simone Kamina-Smith, the fifth queen of mercury and descendant from a bloodline so ancient that the dust in their blood could fill seven vacuum bags. No, not literally but still, she is important.

Hirazaki Files: Part 3: Melonie Smith and Mercury's Water R0v2bo
Name: Queen Simone Kamina-Smith, Current Age:47
Queen Simone ruled the mercury in her universe before 1 E.M even became a thing, there she was loved by all of her people because of her kindness, compassion, and quick wit, so it was only natural for her to take charge of the situation once everyone's universes became one giant cluster of nope. After the confusing conflicts settled down in the beginning, she was the first to make contact with the other leaders in order to call for a sit-down and make peace, needless to say she succeeded, because soon after humanity became the UWO. Not wanting to horde her title over her fellow UWO seat members, Queen Simone asked that they drop the queen from her name and address her as Simone, this quickly changed from UWO seat members to the UWO as a whole addressing her as such. Simone has a gift when it comes to numbers, she is able to quickly calculate equations in just a matter of seconds, this has allowed her to easily do her job.

Simone, at the time before 6 E.M, had six daughters and one son. Each of her daughters born to the same father while her son born to her first love, neither of these children inherited her talent but instead made up for it by having unique personalities and being naturally gifted mobile suit pilots. These children would go on to make names for themselves as the Mercurial Knighthood, an order that is bent on protecting the royal family and the kingdom, despite being apart of the freakin royal family themselves. The eldest child and only son of the royal family, Prince Darius Vermillious Kamina, leads his younger sisters as the Knighthoods strongest mobile suit pilot.

Hirazaki Files: Part 3: Melonie Smith and Mercury's Water Wk4x0p
Name: Prince Darius Vermillious Kamina, Current Age: 28
Darius's father was a great mobile suit pilot but was not royalty, so the relationship between his mother and father was not meant to be, yet they fell in-love, with Darius being the outcome of their love for each other. His father died shortly after his birth due to an unknown illness, leaving Darius and his mother alone. The king, Simone's father accepted his first grandson with open arms, however due to the large amount of important people declaring blasphemy, because of the child's father, the prince could not be next in-line for the crown after his mother; he must be after his third sibling. Regardless of this, Darius has shown that he cares little for the throne itself and instead cares more for his people and even more for his family. These feelings led him to become trained by Mercury's military at the age of fourteen.

Around the time that Darius was three years old his mother married the CEO of a wealthy arms corporation, Ramon Feitali Smith.

Hirazaki Files: Part 3: Melonie Smith and Mercury's Water 2qb7tw6
Name: King Ramon Feitali Smith, Current Age:53
The marriage between Ramon and Simone was done as both a political move and a way for the king to keep his family from remaining under scrutiny from those who disapprove of Darius's birth. Nonetheless, the queen accepted this under the condition that Ramon would not gain any important royal power over the kingdom and it's people, why she did this was obvious: The man could not be trusted. Ramon's corporation had a history of doing shady things behind the scenes, people who did business with them usually ended up missing if they wanted to back out, or worse. Going to be totally honest here....I don't like the cut of his jib, I mean the guy has the look of an evil head vampire and talks like a diplomat, not the best combination. Plus he's creepy when he's nice. His sister is hot though.

Hirazaki Files: Part 3: Melonie Smith and Mercury's Water 6f59x5
That's his sister, her name is Cicily Vitari Smith. She is smoking hot. Her beautiful red hair and equally beautiful red eyes...they're just so alluring...and then those lips! I just wanna--Audio has been censored--

When Darius was four, Simone gave birth to his little sister, Aavida Cordelia Smith, she would later change her last name to her mother's maiden name, Kamina. This was done so that she could be like her brother.

Hirazaki Files: Part 3: Melonie Smith and Mercury's Water 11vp0ub
Name: Aavida Cordelia Kamina(formally Smith), Current Age: 24
Aavida is the eldest daughter of Simone and Ramon, she is also the first in-line for the crown after her mother. The first daughter and only daughter(spoiler alert) to be sporting all red hair, in fact it has been said that she looks nothing like her mother but more like her father, however she has golden eyes, which has been stated by a few doctors that it is a rare condition, the color of a newborn's eyes change to a certain color due to exposure to light after birth. This 'condition' has been called out by many people as both shady and convenient, there were also rumors about the queen being unconscious for an obscene amount of time after the birth but that was quickly dismissed. Ever since she found out about the rumors existing, she quickly began to show the public that she is a capable princess by showing the same traits that her mother shows to the people, needless to say she succeeded in gaining favor with the people. Her admiration for her older brother eventually led her to becoming a mobile suit pilot like him, much to the dismay of her family and the people, despite this she has proven to be quite talented, even managing to defeat an ace pilot all while he was not holding back, which took a bit of goading towards the pilot, and a lot of pleading to her parents. Still, she's a nice girl.

A year after Aavida was born her mother had a second daughter who looked more like her mother and only slightly like her father, oddly enough she did not obtain the same 'rare condition' that her older sister obtained. Her name was Maridia Baesuri Smith.

Hirazaki Files: Part 3: Melonie Smith and Mercury's Water 2vansjd
Name: Princess Maridia Baesuri Smith, Current Age: 23
Maridia is the second daughter of Simone and Ramon, the younger sister of Darius and Aavida, and the second in-line for the throne. Unlike the events that occurred after the birth of her older sister and even more unlike the birth of her older brother, Maridia faced no objections, ridicule, or suspicious intent, everyone accepted her birth because she was not the outcome of royalty and commoner interaction, and she has the features of both her parents; the personality however is a different ballgame. She has this dangerously short temper and is often regarded as the angriest princess once she gets pissed. Some say it is because of how the public once saw her siblings, and that this is their punishment. Aside from that she's a straight forward woman with a no-filter attitude, but no that does not mean she's a bad princess, she's just angry...most of the time. Maridia's anger does compliment her piloting very well, making her a formidable opponent to face in any setting: Out of the Knighthood, I would rate her a 8/10 but if her anger spikes, 9.5/10. I'd rather not go into specifics about her history on the battlefield for one reason: 1. Mere mention of her feats and fatality-like executions upon enemies will only serve to give me and you nightmares. However, If I get enough request I'll post the list of 1 on 1 duels she's won and how she won them..

The king and queen eventually went on to have four more children, each born one born year after year, marking the children to be one year older than each other, minus the twins who are only a few minutes apart.

Hirazaki Files: Part 3: Melonie Smith and Mercury's Water 1ow3vb
Name: Princess Tamani Vendetta Smith, Current Age: 22
Tamani is the third daughter of Simone and Ramon, younger sister of Darius, Aavida, and Maridia, and is third in-line for the throne. This princess, is an oddball. The main reason is because she does not wish to ascend to the throne, or rather she doesn't care, which brings us to the reason why she doesn't wish to be queen, which just so happens to be the second reason for her being...odd. She is an Otaku. An Otaku is someone who is heavily obsessed with Japanese Animation or Anime and Manga, they are so in-love with those things that they go out of their way to purchase all things related to anime and manga, including: Video games, original artwork, toys, scripts from anime, and even various materials so that they can construct their own replicas of costumes from their favorite series. They also do various other things but I'm not about to get too deep into it. Bottom line, Princess Tamani is into this sort of thing, so into it that she walks around dressed in her own original cosplay costume, seriously, no one even remembers what she used to look like anymore. Since I brought that up, yes she has a talent, she is a fantastic artist and fashion designer who has conquered the fashion world with her clothing designs, most of them based off of her own manga series called, Magical Girl Vendetta. That aside she acts lazy at times, not wanting to commit to things that don't interest her like you know, ruling a kingdom. It is strange though because she's a fantastic mobile suit pilot yet fighting doesn't really interest her. Granted she loves dressing up her mobile suit in various armors that make it look like a magical girl, however that does not stop her from being a dead-eye with snipers. In short she is odd, but scary. However she is more approachable than Maridia yet not as much as Aavida.

Hirazaki Files: Part 3: Melonie Smith and Mercury's Water 30hpgcy
Name: Princess Rubi Rosetta Smith, Current Age: 21
Rubi and her twin sister Robyn are the daughters of Simone and Ramon, the younger sisters of Darius, Aavida, Maridia, and Tamani(man this is getting tiring), and are the fifth and sixth in-line for the throne. Rubi unlike her sister Tamani, wants the throne but for a completely different reason, she wants to be queen so that she can tour the universe and eat all the sweets they have to offer. A silly reason sure but you have to admire her gullet. She eats normal food and does get full from such things, but when she eats sweets it's like she can't get enough of it, it's like a drug to this girl, and you get to hear the best part: She doesn't gain weight. Trust me when I say that I am not talking about candy sweets, no no my friends, full blown wedding cakes, pies meant for a family outing, tubs of ice cream that you would see at a children's birthday party, it's madness I tell you pure madness. Doctors have examined her body and determined that she was born with an extremely high metabolism, this allows her to eat and never gain weight...*sighs*...Either way her wish as to why she wants the throne, although silly, is still legitimate. At least she won't suck as a ruler. As for her piloting skills, she's ok, not great but not bad, I mean compared to her sisters and brother, she's ok, to the best pilot on mercury she's still 100 times better. That aside, she's always giggling and bubbly when she eats but speaks with sarcastic remarks and even throws around snarky comments. Still, at least she's hot.

Hirazaki Files: Part 3: Melonie Smith and Mercury's Water 14m8kty
Name: Princess Robyn Roulette Smith, Current Age: 21
Robyn and her twin sister Rubi are the daughters of Simone and Ramon, the younger sisters of Darius, Aavida, Maridia, and Tamani(man this is getting tiring), and are the fifth and sixth in-line for the throne. Robyn was born a few of minutes after Rubi making her the younger twin though that doesn't stop her from acting like the older one. Unlike her sister Rubi, Robyn lacks the lust for sweets, instead she hungers for love. She is a hopeless romantic who wants to find her soul mate and live happily ever after, unfortunately for her, that will be harder than one would think; because of her royal status, all of the men who have courted her have done it for the so that they could inherit her soon-to-be kingdom. This has only encouraged her even further to find that one soul mate that she can live happily ever after with. That aside, she is a delicate beauty who isn't afraid to play rough, meaning she's no stranger to combat. It was said that she only began to pilot a mobile suit simply because of a man she thought she loved wished to show her the...uhm...cockpit *ahem* but the man was a horrible pilot, so while trying to show off he almost got both of them killed. This sparked her to take the reigns and pilot the mobile suit, not only did she manage to get it under control but she also preformed a maneuver that only the best of the best could do. Ever since then she has train rigorously, honing her skills until she became a pilot that could rival her brother Darius, this also prompted a challenge: Anyone who can best her skill in a mobile suit will not only solidify a place her heart, but also will become her fiance. You would have thought that someone lit a fuse under everyone's butts, because ever since there have been an alarming number of pilots, all of them lining up just to take a crack at the princess only to fail miserably, it was hilarious. As far as we all know, no one has bested her skill yet but we're still hopeful.

Hirazaki Files: Part 3: Melonie Smith and Mercury's Water Jpa3wl
Name: Princess Estrella Bianco Smith, Current Age: 20
Estrella is the daughter of Simone and Ramon, younger sister of Darius, Aavida, Maridia, Tamani, Rubi, and Robyn, she is also the seventh in-line for the throne. Estrella was born a fighter, literally, it has been said that she came out the womb punching the doctor and laughing, not crying while doing so, strange right? but she has been like that ever since. Here's a theory though, what if she's happy when she fights, it would make sense right? I mean when she started school the first thing she did was fight boys that were three times bigger than her, she even somehow managed to become a local gang leader. Still, she isn't a bad girl, more so interesting, she likes things that a normal girl likes and acts like a princess when she isn't throwing down like a soldier. Unlike her siblings, she was recommended by her parents to take up mobile suit piloting, I mean her skills are good but she has mentioned that she can't help but feel that with a different system she would be better. Oh well, guess once she gets a new system we'll find out, maybe.

Hirazaki Files: Part 3: Melonie Smith and Mercury's Water 21j6rh5

Finally, after that long introduction of the royal family(sorry by the way), Melonie was born in 6 E.M, making her the youngest daughter and the youngest of the siblings, she, unlike her siblings was born with her mother's talent. It has yet to be determined on whether is capable of piloting a mobile suit but it doesn't matter because she hates to fight, in fact out of all the siblings, she's the pacifist. When the UWO split off, her mother decided to create Mercury's Water, a faction meant to combat the other factions so that they could reunite them but under Mercury's banner. This faction wants nothing more than peace but to others it sounds like they want sovereignty, so the other factions refuse to go without a fight. Soon the queen's duties arose, so she decided that she would have her youngest daughter, Melonie, fill in the role as the faction leader. Not about to sugar code this, her mother wasn't a sinner but at the same time she knew how to lead, even in times of war, Melonie is still a child, child prodigy yes but still a child. She has no combat experience, she possibly hasn't even seen anyone die yet...I'm sorry but to the queen, if you ever listen to my chronicle files, know that I say that war is no place for children. Melonie herself seems like a child who would fold at the sight of a knee being scraped, just imagine worse. Well it really isn't my place to say after all, maybe the queen saw something in her. Maybe she just wants to give her daughter responsibility. Maybe, but all we can do is wait and see. ~End audio...

Nation Name: Mercuria

Population: over 475.000

Location: Kingdom on the planet Mercury

Hirazaki Files: Part 3: Melonie Smith and Mercury's Water 4iddw

Voice recording: ~The kingdom of Mercuria is like one of those kingdoms out of a fairytale, they even have a king and queen. The first Mercuria was built centuries ago before Exodus Machina, and of course it was meant for the royal family of Mercury, the Kamina dynasty. Fast forward to 2 E.M where the queen commissioned her people to build their new kingdom on Mercury since the new universe did not have their old kingdom, it was completed three years later. The kingdom is surrounded by a large body of water which serves as the nation's main resource, allowing them to grow their crops and maintain a perfect temperature around the kingdom. Mercury's water is comprised of the kingdoms soldiers, the Mercurial Knighthood, and the leader Melonie Smith. Prince Darius formed the Knighthood with his other sisters in order to protect their younger sibling, all while serving the kingdom, they seem to be quite popular among the people. Occasionally, the kingdom holds a small mobile suit dueling tournament with the prize being money and recognition, and an unofficial prize of being acknowledged as a potential love interest for Princess Robyn. Queen Simone certainly knows how to run a kingdom, her people are happy and there is an uncomfortable amount of prosperity, which isn't bad but...this isn't what one would expect from a faction that wishes to beat other factions and unite them, hopefully they have a plan, otherwise they even be a speck on an enemy faction's radar. ~End audio

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