Hirazaki Files: Part 4: Maximilian Cornelius Delacroix and Jupiter's Ascendents

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Hirazaki Files: Part 4: Maximilian Cornelius Delacroix and Jupiter's Ascendents Empty Hirazaki Files: Part 4: Maximilian Cornelius Delacroix and Jupiter's Ascendents

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Name: Maximilian Cornelius Delacroix

Age: 25

Gender: Male(but still questioning)

Faction Association: Jupiter's Ascendents

Rank Status: Leader

Original Universe: After Colony

Voice recording introduction: ~Testing...testing! One-two-three, This is Mikihisa Hirazaki of the Hirazaki Private Chronicler Agency, or HPCA for short. As you all know my loyal...three..thousand and seven....subscribers(well It seems someone earned themselves a victory cupcake!), I have taken it upon myself to cronicalize, my own word yes, cronicalize these factions and their leaders, who have once again decided humanity's fate. Let me set the record straight by saying that as someone who cares deeply for humanity and all it stands for, I will be withholding my judgements and personal opinions with great restraint and even greater regret. These factions and their leaders may not be well-suited for their jobs in my opinion but because this is fair chronicalization, my word again yes, chronicalization they will receive respectful, non-satirical, and true to the core information written about them here, thus I, as a professional, must keep it strictly business(no matter how much it pisses me off). Part 4 everyone! Lets do it.~End voice recording introduction.

Voice recording: ~You want to know what I hate more than child prodigies? Rich people. Rich people are usually the main enabler scumbags that either have child prodigies or encourage them to become something great, don't get me wrong, I know most of them don't suck but still, they suck. My hate for them is purely one that involves child prodigy enabling, nothing more, let me repeat: I only hate them because of their enabling, not their money. Good, now that's out of the way let's talk about Jupiter's Ascendents and their rich bastard, Maximilian.

Hirazaki Files: Part 4: Maximilian Cornelius Delacroix and Jupiter's Ascendents 2q0poqe

Maximilian Cornelius Delacroix is the leader of Jupiter's Ascendents, well I take that back, he's more like a god to them. They worship the ground this man walks on simply because of his ideals and his money, mostly his money, which is understandable(stupid rich bastard). Now, in order to cronicalize him properly I had to get information about him, as is how I've done my job so far, the only problem is that he is so damn mysterious that it's near impossible, but I've collected a few things. Delacroix was a rich diplomat back in his universe(go figure)and he was a very good diplomat too, he managed to get elected as several things in different colonies, most of which had more rich people than poor, guess we know who always voted for him. Every time he was elected he would always spend a majority of his time with the scientist however, no one knows why but there have been some theories.

See there were rumors circulating that never got addressed. One rumor in particular depicted Mr.Money Bags to be researching something big, something that could change the future but no one knows exactly what, most of the theories that coincide with this rumor all say that he was using funding from other rich people who elected him, to fund said research. It does make sense in a way. Either way it's scary stuff, but not as scary as the man himself, he is so freaking creepy. His people however seem to think differently if they keep him around to run their organization, and their nation, oh man are they some special kind of stupid. Honestly, I don't know much about him so this one will be unfortunately short, meaning it ends right here. I will say this though: Don't get too close to him, he is a mysterious man despite how his faction and nation feel about him, so you might end up on the wrong side of some kind of super-mechanized bad thing. Have fun though
.~End audio...

Nation Name: Kassandra

Population: 100,000

Location: On Jupiter's moon, Callisto

Hirazaki Files: Part 4: Maximilian Cornelius Delacroix and Jupiter's Ascendents Wa6j5e

Voice recording: ~The space colony of Kassandra is a nation ran by Jupiter's Ascendents and their leader, Maximilian C. Delacroix. The colony was created to house the richest families that disbanded with Maximilian from the UWO, however due to the amount of rich families that were put into the new universe, the colony became underpopulated. This marks Kassandra as the nation with the lowest population, and the people like it that way. The JA's are a high society filled with aristocrats and prefer to "keep the riff-raff out" as they would say, so having a low population to them means that only the civilized and refined are welcome, that's so depressing. This snooty lot have this deep love and admiration for their leader, Delacroix, they refuse to see him as suspicious because of how he coddled them and cosseted their interest back when they were still with the UWO. They also highly respect his senior officer and best soldier, Lancelot. This colony does not lack money so they are always good on supplies, the fact that the population is so low is a good thing for them as well, the issue with the colony is that their military sucks. Like seriously, the soldiers that they pay are just above-average compared to everyone elses military, the only good thing that they have going for them is Lancelot, and that's because the guy is a freaking monster in a mobile suit. In conclusion, I can't recommend this colony, at least not to those who don't have money and like retaining their humanity, or if they like not having a good military to protect them from wars. FYI their military will more than likely be the first to fall in the war.~End audio...

Hirazaki Files: Part 4: Maximilian Cornelius Delacroix and Jupiter's Ascendents 2afenig
Name: Lancelot, Current Age: 24
There is an even greater mystery behind this guy and no one but his master Maximilian knows about him. The guy keeps out of the public unless he's on the battlefield, he also rarely speaks, the scariest part about him is that he is a freaking monster when it comes to piloting a mobile suit. If anyone is hearing this and has seen this guy, don't re-see him, ever.

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