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Post by RainTehMighty on Wed May 20, 2015 3:30 pm

Tsubaki Academy(Description) 2yovfyg

~Ooooh Tsubaki! Tsubaki Academy! You are the greatest place to be in the whole gal-ax-y!!

Here at Tsubaki academy, we pride ourselves in allowing our students to grow and become prominent citizens of society. We take our students at a young age and mold them into adults, teaching them the fundamentals of life and the history of our beloved colony. As an added bonus, Tsubaki academy also has a program that grooms our most dedicated students for the military world, where they will train rigorously so that they can handle the most simple task given to them during basic training, because here at Tsubaki academy, everyone is prepared.

Our school is known throughout the galaxy for it's promotion of leadership, self-esteem boosting, friendships, love, peace, and happiness. Our governor Tamiko Yukimura has even declared that this is the best school to be in if you wish to aim for the top. Not to mention it is named after our great former leader, Tsubaki Kobayashi, the late-mother of our top graduate Tsukiumi Kobayashi. We will make sure that our students excel at everything that they strive to accomplish, simply because we care.

(School rp!!!!!)

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