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Post by Flamegale on Fri May 08, 2015 3:10 pm

This template is nothing more than a simple guide for those wishing to take their characters in the direction of owning their own organization. Organizations are individual factions, capable of using NPC resources if their funds allow. A separate list will be made of possible resources for player factions, along with prices for each individual unit. (Mass production suits. Other military vehicles/weaponry/personnel.)

All organizations will require a $500,000 founding fee. (Emblems etc. Just a precaution to help avoid organization overflow!)

Organization Name: Self explanatory.

Organization Leader: Here, you will place the name of the founding character.

Organization Purpose: PMC? Pilot academy? Freelance? Government/nation? As long as it's developed through RP, an organization can have any purpose! Place it here in summary.

Organization Home Base/Planet: Any of the available planets, preferably where your character is located at the time of founding. If it is based out of a ship or station, provide the name here.

Organization Logo/emblem/symbol/whatever: Snazzy image whether self made or found elsewhere. Avoid patented logos. If we see Nike, you die.

Organization Plan: Out of Character, provide a short explanation of where you intend to take this organization. No need to go into deep detail, just a general idea will do!

Additional Details: Anything that you would like to list here that was not listed above.

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