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The Shopping District(Description) Empty The Shopping District(Description)

Post by RainTehMighty on Tue May 19, 2015 3:04 pm

The Shopping District(Description) 5cg036

Welcome to the Nation's number 1 shopping center, Amazonia Mall! Now don't let the name fool you, This place is cleaner than a freshly washed plate, and far from savage. Here you can do all the shopping that your pocketbook allows, not only that but we also have both an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. There are a total of 26 clothing stores, all of which have hundreds of the latest brands that originated from this very planet and might I add they would look perfect on you, we also have stores that have the most fabulous shoes that are to die for and will make your feet feel like they are in heaven! The jewelery stores here are nothing to scoff at, we have the finest diamond pendants, pearl necklaces, ruby rings, sapphire bracelets, emerald brooches, and of course earrings made with real gold. Our food courts are designed to suit the customers taste and their current plans as far as dieting goes, we have one section for the healthy eaters and another section for those who just want to let their hair down and live a little. By the way, we have an indoor gym that is just made for those beautiful vixens that want to sculpt their bodies to perfection, because the Amazonia Mall is your best friend!

(It's a mall, things that can happen in the mall will happen, meaning you can buy all types of outlandish things while hanging out with your friends or maybe find new friends. The mall does have security so shoplifters beware. The pool is open to anyone, same goes for the gym but for the gym you have to pay a fee of V50 to get a day pass and V100 for a life time membership.)

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